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So it’s a night of dressing up and playing bewitched, and the only thing you’re missing: a dark ring that calls in the magic.

Dark gemstones don’t get the credit they deserve. Whenever I wear one, someone will definitely drop a comment. How could you not? Dark gemstones are hard to miss!

Let’s talk about brightness, reflection and fire - present in dark gemstones just as they are in their clear counterparts.

Do dark gemstones reflect light? Is there a colorful fire dance when you’re looking into the stones? How about its luster?

We’ll guide you through the look and mood of various dark gemstones, including how they shine and glimmer.

Dark gemstones are known to be unapologetic. So beware: these rings might cast a spell on you!


Black Diamond 

Black diamonds don’t sparkle, but when they're properly faceted, black diamonds can reflect light on the surface.

Black diamonds are composed of tiny graphite inclusions aka dark impurities aka the ‘pepper’. If you’ve been in awe with the galaxies in our salt and pepper, then black diamonds are basically its final transformation: a stone with so many layers of pepper, it looks black. But don’t fret: these graphites aren’t exactly the same as the brittle graphites in your pencil. Black diamonds are just as hard as clear diamonds and can be cut into various shapes. 

Compared to white diamonds, black diamonds don’t sparkle. So it’s harder to catch the fire brilliance shining from within, one of the properties of diamonds many look for. When properly faceted, black diamonds can still reflect light on the surface. So that means the quality of the cutting becomes even more important on black diamonds. 

  • Bling factor:

    Little sparkle and brilliance, but still shimmer when properly faceted.

  • Black diamond chakra:

    Root chakra - to up your inner focus and vision.

    Wear when you’re spending time alone wandering the city, seeking solace and clarity.



A stone rich in iron, hematite keeps your blood flowin', making this metallic gem the perfect Halloween stone!

Looking for the ultimate Halloween stone? Consider hematite. These rocks are black or silver on the surface, but blood-red when cut. This is because hematite contains iron (high in your red blood cells), which gives it a naturally reddish look. Hematite was long popular as a healing stone exactly because it contains iron, which is great at getting your blood flowing. 

When hematite is polished, its metallic shine comes through. Hematite is usually cut into cabochon to maximize its lustrous and smooth luster, but even as rough stones, hematite has a distinctive sheen. 

  • Fun fact:

    Mars is rife with hematite. 

  • Bling factor:

    Has a smooth, shiny luster, or in gemology speak: has metallic luster. Often cut into cabochon.

  • Black hematite chakra:

    Root chakra - to arm you with a sense of security.

    Wear when you’re feeling a little upset at life and want to embrace this emo moment for a bit.


Black Sapphire

The toughest stone of the bunch also comes in black. With its light-absorbing trait, black sapphire can make a stunning statement piece.

Black sapphires have all the strength and toughness of a corundum, but contain iron and titanium, the source of its black color. Black sapphires are often very opaque, you can barely see the depth and mirage within. Think of it like a black hole, where no light passes through. Some black sapphires display asterism and are cut into cabochons to reveal their star. 

If you’re looking for an opaque ring, black sapphires can be your statement rock. 

  • Bling factor:

    Looks more opaque than transparent, doesn’t reflect light or has brilliance unless it has asterism.

  • Black sapphire chakra:

    Root chakra - to wield energy so you can move forward and upward.

    Wear when you’re going dancing and all you want is dancing alone.


Black Spinel 

Spinel has serious glimmer. It's a stone which both reflect light and has a great luster.

Black looks good on spinel. Seriously. If you’re looking for a dark (and I mean jet-black) gemstone with serious glimmer, then spinel it is. It’s sexy, powerful, and wild. Unlike black sapphires which don't reflect light (no hard feelings), spinels are still highly reflective and have great luster. 

Spinel is also a seductive stone to have when you’re on a date night... by your invitation. Black spinel can be faceted into various gemstone cuts, like cushion, square, oval, pentagon or pear, making it an easy go-to dark gemtone when you’re feeling sultry.  

  • Bling factor:

    Highly reflective with great luster.

  • Black spinel chakra:

    Root chakra - the center of kundalini energy.

    Wear when you’re trying to make the first move on that guy (or girl) you’ve been eyeing.


Grey Tourmaline

Glassy grey tourmaline is a rare find, and is great for those wanting to flaunt a soft emo look or simply wants to wear a dark ring everyday!

You might have known how tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors, but did you know it also comes in gorgeous monochromatic shades of black? Black is actually the most common color for tourmalines, and similar to spinel, it’s the kind of black which absorbs light. If you’re looking for something softer and more translucent, choose a grey tourmaline. Grey tourmalines are quite rare, making it a precious find and its glassy look is perfect for those looking for a dark ring to be worn everyday. 

  • Bling factor:

    Looks glassy with vitreous luster.

  • Grey tourmaline chakra:

    Root chakra - to bring you stability and help you fulfill your basic, primal needs.

    Wear when you’re trying to tick a big task off of your list or are entering a peak moment in your career.


Black Pearl 

Black pearls stand out from the crowd with its overtones of reds, blues, and greens; the equivalent of a peacock.

Black pearls aren’t only rare, they have a gorgeous peacock-like sheen which makes black pearls stand out from the rest of the dark gem gang. Black pearls have hues and overtones of reds, blues, and greens. Real black pearls only come from Tahiti, and are usually cultivated. But the majority of black pearls in the market are color-treated, which means the skin of the pearl is dyed a certain color. If your black pearls are from Ayoka, Japan, assume it was probably dyed. 

  • Bling factor:

    Iridescent glow.

  • Grey pearl chakra:

    Third eye chakra - to help you gain wisdom and inner growth.

    Wear when you’re trying to find calm and solitude, including at social events (or especially in social situations).

Dark gemstones are rife with personality. 

Are you ready to be bewitched?