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It’s almost the end of the year and that means: playing dress up!

But before we get too close to Christmas (which often calls for frantic shopping - not sexy!), let’s take a step back and review our wish list. 

Ask yourself this: do you know the ethics behind the fashion brands you’d love to shop for your Christmas outfit or NYE party? Do their ethical practices really live up to their claims? 

For those who want to get a headstart and start shopping responsibly, here’s our shortlist of fashion brands with ethical stories we love! (Psst… we’ve paired them with our jewelry pieces for a final ethical touch!)

Sustainability is in the details, and Reformation is an open book.

Reformation tells you exactly how much carbon dioxide, water, and waste is produced for each piece of clothing. And I mean each single one of them. Their research into their own practice is extensive and rigorous, you’ll feel certain that shopping at Reformation is as ethical as it can be. Not only you’re shopping for the look, you’re shopping for impact. 

  • Location:USA  

  • Pair it with: 

    Pair it with this stunning kyanite earring to lift the dress up to another level of colorful.  

After its heroic life, decommissioned fire-hose retires as a sustainable, fashion item.

Elvis and Kresse makes their bags from decommissioned fire hoses. Yes, the very thing saving lives is often discarded after their heroic years  - going straight to the landfill. On the other hand, these fire hoses also make the perfect bag material. They’re durable, waterproof, and robust. Who wouldn’t love such a strong bag to last forever? Bonus: other reclaimed materials they use include parachute silk, printing blanket, coffee sack, shoe boxes, and even auction banners!

Eyeing a sustainable frame? These vintage glasses have gone through major historic events and are looking for a second home.

Retrospecced gives vintage glasses a second, third, and fourth home! Their vintage glasses have gone down generations and lived through major historic events, while their designer collection brags top dog brands from Ray-Ban to Giorgio Armani. Fancy a frame? Try them at home before making a lifetime commitment with their customised lenses. 

  • Location:UK 

  • Pair it with: 

    Pair it with our garnet earrings to give yourself a boost of flirty vintage mood. 

Ethical loungewear you can wear day and night? On your bed or out shopping? Yes please!

Noctu is a casual homewear brand with loose fitting, which makes it also great for those sweaty, summer days. Their cotton is made using The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified line which ensures that the production is free of pesticide and nasty chemicals. The result? Soft cotton tees you can wear throughout the night and day. Out of the bed, into the world, we go! 

Aesthetic London gives you the full story of why their pieces are as ethical as they can be.

Aesthetic London uses only natural dye and avoids the use of all chemicals to create pieces which will repay you down the line. Some of their pieces are made to order, so don’t expect them to arrive the next day. Each product page gives you details on how and where they’re made. Each piece is a full story you’ll get to read from end to end, something you’ll enjoy for a very long time.  

  • Location:UK 

  • Pair it with: 

    Pair it with our montana sapphire for a sunset-chill look. 

Browsing through Story MFG feels like going into a natural-dye wonderland. Their use of natural dye is vast and wide-ranging, making the purchase fun and as ethical as it can be.

Story MFG is obsessed with dyes. Their deep dive into natural dyes leads them to ancient, forgotten technologies, like the use of the stinky flower vembadam as a lilac dye. Since getting educated is kind of a turn on in our world, browsing through Story MFG’s website doesn’t feel like a splurge. Take a look into their bible of natural dyes as you browse through their collection of naturally dyed jackets and shirts ‘to hunt for mushrooms and carry snacks on long walks’. 

  • Location:UK 

  • Pair it with: 

    Pair it with a larimar ring for an eclectic, forest fairy look.  

Empowering women through denim is one of the reasons why we're wooed by this brand.

Outland Denim was made with a dream to liberate victims of sexual exploitation. Its four pillars are training, opportunity, living wages, and education. Throughout the years, it has benefitted more than 750 people it employs. Trainees are enrolled in cross-training programs, so that within 2-3 years, they’re equipped with skills to build wearable pieces from scratch. Employees at the center of Outland Denim’s operation, and it's all the reason why we’re wooed by this brand! 

  • Location:Australia

  • Pair it with: 

    Pair it with a kyanite necklace for a playful look. 

Tamga Designs shows you that ethical can be colorful too. How can we not love their designs?

Tamga Designs begins with a meticulous recording of their environmental and social impact in its supply chain. Not only that you’ll find photo essay of their production, you’ll also learn about how much CO2, water, and energy is saved in each piece. Plus, we love they’re embracing batik patterns in their dresses! 

  • Location:Canada

  • Pair it with: 

    Pair it with a hidden gem ring for an offbeat, organic look. 

Patchwork skirts and shorts can be clean and trendy, too. Frankie is the cool kid in town with a handful of scrap textiles turned into brand new, limited pieces.

Frankie uses scrap textiles, then salvages them into brand new, limited pieces. Their collection includes patchwork skirts and shorts, and reworked Adidas pieces turned corsets. Basically you’d find branded pieces in a whole new (ethical) light; a lineup of funky, Frankenstein-of-sorts pieces with a clean, sporty touch. 

Yes, friend, ethical pieces for a fraction of a price is possible.

Yes Friends is that one friend who’d give you a challenge: can you make an ethical tee for only a fraction of the price? Amidst the skyrocketing prices of ethical pieces, Yes Friend shows you (with a little bit of scale), that yes, friend, you can make an ethical tee for only a fraction of the price. Their brand launched a pre-order campaign on 7 April, was featured on The Guardian and The Independent, and aimed to sell at least 4,000 tees for only £8, just to break even. For Yes Friends, magic math is the key to ethical success. 

To us, ethical gifts get us all giddy and excited. Not only are they changing the world one thread at a time, their stories encourage us to view our world differently, then forge creative ways to give them a new meaning. So put your hands up if you’re ready to shop ethically!