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Diamonds have a well-earned reputation for being The Stone for The Ring. They’re tough and durable, and can last a whole lifetime. It’s why so many people choose a diamond for their engagement ring. But that very same quality makes them awesome as everyday rings!

Granted, we’d still recommend you store your jewelry away when jumping in the shower/pool/ocean or when you're elbows-deep in post-dinner party dishes (maybe in a soft, lush, velvet cradle?).

Other than their glorious shine, diamonds are also fascinating stones, with varying colors and inclusions. That’s right! Diamonds aren’t just white – they can have heart-stopping inclusions, as seen in salt and pepper diamonds, which have become fashion darlings for their unique, gritty look. Diamonds also range from irradiated hues to naturally occurring colors. There’s truly something for everyone.

Unfortunately, their association with being set on the One Ring To Rule Them All has also contributed to the notion that they’re unattainable, or even a little too much for everyday wear. We’re here to show you why diamonds can be anyone's best friend.

Here are a few of our fave diamond rings in silver.

For lovers of dainty trinkets

These lightly faceted diamonds hail from Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. The ones we have in stock come naturally tinted in varying shades and make really cool stacking rings when paired with curved bands. (Psst. They were mined with minimum impact by indigenous miners. These are the oh-so-coveted ethical diamonds everyone’s talking about.)

These stones carry stories from Borneo's deepest jungle.Cloudy diamond slices are hand-cut and nested in a dainty sterling silver band to make your ethical dream ring comes true. 

Write your own story. Which of these cloudy diamond slices call out to your inner explorer? 

If you love to build your own diamond ring, these are for you. Like the previous ring, these diamonds hail from Kalimantan, and are locally known as ‘berlian’. As we work directly with our miners, we can definitely say these are conflict-free diamonds. After all, we did promise ‘all that glitters should be guilt-free.

For ring-stack-happy folks

Although kite-cut gemstones have been around for a good long while, they’re still flying under the radar. We love them because they manage to balance the quirky-cool look while still looking elegant AF. We upped the cool factor with this one by pairing the diamonds with recycled silver

A magical twinkle like stolen stars, this soft yellow beryl and salt and pepper diamond ring stack is one for the books. The start of a fantasy story of your own making.

A silver stacking set features an included diamond in a rose cut pear shape. Soft and sweet, like a day of daydreaming under cumulous clouds. 

Rounded lines make this rose-cut pear diamond look soft and sweet. The rounded bottom begs for a comfy nesting band, creating the best-looking silver stacking set. The diamonds are as one-of-a-kind as they come.What do you see in their inclusions? It's like watching clouds! 

Which of these silver diamond rings is your favorite?

We understand sometimes you just get the urge to pair up your jewelry and create sets you can throw on together for a more complete look. 

And what’s better than an ethical diamond jewelry set?

Check these diamond babies out!