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As a young woman, I used to think that gold jewelry was a bit ‘heavy’. They looked like serious pieces. Something my grandma would wear, or my aunt on a night out. Something I should keep in drawers for special occasions. But what can be more special than an everyday pick-me-up? I love looking down at my hands as I type away and seeing colors glint at me. More so when I know that the jewelry on my fingers are made of ethical gold and gemstones. 

I’ve picked out some of the most playful pieces from our Origins collection to show you how deliciously fun ethical gold jewelry can be. 


Honey Opal Ring in Gold 

Did you know that opal comes in sunshine yellow? 

It twinkles and shows off its fire in the most wonderful way, and I love how bright and cheerful it looks. Not to mention the cut of the stone – it’s on this demure side of edgy that I so adore. 


Peacock Opal and Diamond Ring in Rose Gold 

Another opal sneaked its way into the list, featuring the ghostly imprint of a peacock feather. It manages to be whimsy and dreamy on its own without much effort. 

I had to try very hard not to keep this ring for myself...


Watermelon Tourmaline Ring in Gold

Talk about a fresh slice of heaven. Every time I look at this ring, I’m immediately transported away to a garden party with friends!

I can picture the flowy summer dress that I’d be wearing. A fun, floaty number would look amazing with it. 


Pastel Sapphire Ring Set in Rose Gold 

Are they all sapphires? Yes, they are! From sweet shades of blue to frothy champagne pinks, the sapphires I picked for this ring are so bubbly and fun.

I always thought it was the grown-up version of the princess tiara we all wanted as kids – what do you think? 


Yogo Sapphire Leaf Earrings 

If you’re not much of a ring person, maybe it’s earring that make you coo. Carved into delicate leaf shapes, these earrings oozes charm and personality.

My favorite thing about them is how they can be dressed up or down depending on how you feel. From something blue to those everyday earrings that bring out the color of your eyes. 

Sustainability is my life-long passion. There are more serious reasons that made me choose this path. But I also want to help people feel good about picking up ethical gold jewelry. I love for all that I wear to be beautiful from start to end. Jewelry with a glowing, ethical journey that reflects how it glints and glitters when I wear it.

 All that glitters can absolutely be guilt free!

 Are you in love yet?

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