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Each year, we celebrate Nyepi in Bali. The annual Day of Silence. The entire island is shut down: internet is off, the airport is closed, and the entire night sky turns into a brilliant galactic showdown.

Nyepi is a favorite holiday here. When you’re soaking in nature’s goodness, you’re living in the moment. And when you’re living in the moment, you’re opening yourselves up for some sweet sweet cosmic healing.

In celebration of Earth Day, we’d like to invite you on a soul-searching journey within, to reconnect with your inner light, and bring back that inner voice. Because sometimes we become strangers even in our own home.

If you or someone you love are celebrating moments of solitude to recenter or if you’re knee-deep in a murky thought and need a way home, these stones can be your light for a safe travel in and out of the heavy heart.

Turquoise and tourmaline

Good for: reconnecting with nature / living an ethical and nomad lifestyle / those living off the grid / those starting out on a “zero-waste” challenge

You used to wonder how such a tiny seed could bring such massive life, and then she planted one under your skin and you understood life in its most basic form of infinite.

For those who actually walk the talk, turquoise and tourmaline will make a fitting everyday ring. These two stones are the ultimate ‘fun’ stones, because they know how goodwill isn’t enough when it’s done without joy.

Turquoise a stone of wisdom, bringing humor to the reasoned minds. Tourmaline is its creative sidekick. She can figure out just about anything.

Both stones power up your intellect and confidence, but won’t take the ‘fun’ out of the equation. Together, these two are like a musical duo, beating the odds climbing to the top of the music charts with their wit and wisdom.

Larimar, labradorite, garnet

Good for:those seeking solace in the city / exhausted at work / feeling cluttered and scrambled

When you let yourself back in, you left the door open, so she didn't have to knock. 

She entered your heart, full and bursting, and then turned it into a home.

Perhaps that’s why house plants are a lasting trend - a way to quickly escape into the greens. Adding to that power, larimar, labradorite, and green garnet will transport you to nature.

These three stones emit nature’s power colors: soft blue and lush green. Larimar literally looks like a shore; labradorite is a slice of full moon; and green garnet brings a garden into your room. This is a lineup of stones to bring nature closer to home.

Labradorite, larimar, spinel, axinite

Good for:those living alone / those still searching for home / living away from the family / going off to college

What a good start. It’s a new day, it’s a new life, and you’re feeling good. She sings that tune to you each morning, hums it in your ear, even when she’s not with you. It’s like she lives in you, on you. She reminds you that everyday is a new day, and that the day is just begging to be seized. It’s yours. Take it and start it good.

Few years in and we all have to relearn living with ourselves. Which, sadly, is easier said than done. From organizing monthly bills, to dealing with landlord dramas, to midnight musings on soul-searching - living alone is an art.

For those who just began their solo life, use these stones to ground yourself at home. These four stones aren't among the popular ones. You’ve heard of rubies and sapphires, but probably not of labradorite, larimar, spinel, and axinite. And yet they boast unique stories. Larimar is found only in Dominican Republic. Axinite is traditionally a collector’s gem. Labradorite is a mix of various stones and minerals. Spinel is a stone which has survived wars and fires and now graces England’s Crown Jewels. These underdogs aren't popular, no. But they sure keep their stories real! 

This month, let’s make yourself at home. Whether you’re in an actual home or a rented room, a Metropolitan city or a quarantine, an eco-village or an industrial city, home is where you feel most protected and grounded. And a home is one we must actively create. From our universal home which is Earth to the most personal home of our heart.

Where is your home? I hope you realize, your home is everywhere. The trees are your home. The endless blue sky is your home. As Thich That Hanh says, "You only need to stop being a wanderer in order to be at home."

Customizing your jewelry is a way to give meaning to beautiful objects. Where are you in your life right now? Let’s begin with your story.

So what’s your love story? 

Tell us your stories and let us help you capture those moments through your jewelry. 

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