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She's got that otherworldly, wind-in-her-hair goddess power. 

Like she's made of stardust and life with her is a dream.

When you’re thinking of her, you’re thinking of a shooting star. Not just how she lights up the sky with fire, but how she came from a distance, with light years of stories to tell. She steals the night and knows who’s the superstar. 

Peridot is literally a piece of meteorite and her stone dust has been on the moon and Mars. Holding her is said to help you garner the forgotten wisdom of the universe, and propels you to think big. No more getting sucked into unnecessary details in your life; like perfecting a skincare routine, nailing that minimalist 20-piece wardrobe, or being overly obsessed with ticking off all to-do lists. Peridot has travelled far and vast, and knows how to enjoy the ride. 

Peridot handles heat like a champ. She landed on molten, volcanic rock and endured the longest time of natural heating and sunbathing until she shone like fresh, lively spring leaves. 

She wards off bad thoughts and helps you transform anxious thoughts into a self-love poem. She helps you age with grace and confidence so you’re always young at heart. 


Peridot, in its basic form Olivine, has been discovered on the moon and found in comet dust. It’s literally out-of-this-world.

Anytime you feel like you’re about to enter that dark vortex, bring peridot into your everyday life. It’s a cheerful stone to lift you up whenever you feel small, cornered or dull. Peridot brings your positive energy to the surface and gives you the power to keep on shining. 

Birthstone for: August

Peridot zodiac sign:Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Peridot chakra:

  • The fourth chakra - the Heart or Anahata chakra.

    A balanced heart chakra can prevent your creative self from going overboard and becomes a controlling freak (ouch!). As you accept your place, you welcome others’ space and creative ideas, too. Your heart chakra regulates your emotions so that you can keep your cool at the most heated time or to practice being unbothered by little foibles of life. 

  • The third chakra - the Solar Plexus chakra or the Manipura chakra.

    The color of both sun and leaves, peridot is life’s juice to deflect allergies and infections. Located in our core center (or tummy), the chakra controls our immune and digestive system. A balanced solar plexus chakra will help us overcome the urge to snack out of emotional impulses. 

How peridot fits into your life:

August superstars. Your better half on your first anniversary, or your 16th. Those born under Scorpio and Libra.

Silver aquamarine rings


  • Transformation

  • Detox

  • Wellbeing

  • Rebirth

  • Healthy thoughts

  • Healing

  • Fearlessness

  • Joy


  • Protection against the Evil Eye or your friendly neighborhood Gossip Girl

  • Making friends with those butterflies in your tummy

  • When you need to remember where you’ve misplaced your wallet or your mind

  • Reminding yourself of how amazing you truly are

  • Getting over a break-up

  • Company on those 12-step programs

  • Amplifying your sauna, hot yoga or Reiki sesh

Aquamarine origins

Our peridot are responsibly sourced from: Australia, Pakistan and USA (Arizona). 

Tough Love level: 6-7 Mohs scale of hardness.

Use a bezel setting if you’re using peridot as an everyday ring to protect it from scratches.

Common treatments: Peridot is rarely treated. In the rare cases peridot is treated, it's usually oil treatment or fracture filling. Both treatments are to fill tiny voids and gaps in the stone. Ask your jeweler if any treatments have been done since treated peridot should avoid sudden changes in temperature and harsh chemical or ultrasonic cleaners. 

Peridot Shades

Peridot is one of the few gemstones which displays only one color, although it comes in a range of intensity. 

  • Light yellowish peridot is a fun and playful gemstone color for spring. 

  • Light green peridot only has a faint yellow tint, the color of a warm jungle. 

  • Olive green peridothas a more mature charm with its subdued tone.

  • Vivid green peridot gives a verdant jungle vibe and is perfect to pair with an elegant-chic outfit.

  • Dark brownish-green peridot is a tad darker than olive green peridot.



Or try your hand at designing your own custom ethical dream ring, featuring your favorite peridot!

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