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Ever feel like showing off that cute ruffled top or your bare neck (because it’s one of the sexiest yet overlooked areas)? We feel ya. 

Our RISE Collection is all about you. In this necklace line, you’re in complete control of making a pendant necklace you can wear close to your heart (literally and figuratively). 

Peel back your petals and rise up strong with this necklace brimming with meaning.

Which values guide your life? Where are you headed? Who are you becoming? 

Tell us your story. 


Choose your engraving 


Great for: 

  • Kickstarting your career 

  • Turning your hobby and passion into a living

  • Feeling peace in situations you normally feel tension

  • Expanding your business


Great for: 

  • Realizing what you were searching for was within you all along

  • That friend who brings out the best in you 

  • Having patience, without settling for less

  • Your mom


Great for: 

  • Using your passion to uplift others 

  • Letting there be room for not knowing 

  • Expand your awareness of synchronicity 

  • Traveling the road to greater self awareness 


Great for: 

  • Learning love is about giving, everything, and letting it hurt

  • Becoming a better lover to the world

  • Treating your life as an altar, and every emotion as an offering

  • Your bestie with a heart of gold 


Great for: 

  • Rising to the peak of your career 

  • Sparking your creative energy 

  • Untaming your spirit and the way it howls

  • Loving like you’ve never been hurt

Choose your coin design


Double hole

classic, timeless, versatile



sensual, feminine, sweet 


Inner circle

larger than life, centerpiece, statement


Full circle

mysterious, cosmic, grand  



youthful, edgy, offbeat

Add birthstones or a tiny coin 

Each stone will be wrapped in a classic bezel setting with recycled sterling silver all the way around it. 


Birthstone set in chain

a more subtle design of the birthstone, laying on your neck


DANGLING Birthstone 

to add more length to the pendant  


Tiny coin

if you want to add an important initial 


Birthstone set as a charm

casual, but with a lot of charm 

Can’t wait to make your own necklace?