She's a combination of wild adventure and the scent of blooming honeysuckle at sunset. 

Spices and dusty sweat, firelight and fireflies. 

She's music to your senses. 

The beat to your drum.

Her presence is always loud and clear. That’s the power of the July Queen, the embodiment of “living in the moment”. She dances until the day breaks, with her feet, with her hair, and with her heart. She's never afraid of running out of time.

Ruby’s eccentric power lets you shine through the crowd. It’s a stone to amplify your inner beauty and gives you that radiating facial glow. It lets you let your hair down, without ever looking untamed. In her world, there’s no such thing as comfort zone. Because she knows she learns the most when she’s not the smartest person in the room. Her heart grows every time she stands on the edge of the unknown. Her passion to learn runs like a wildfire. And she’s #sorrynotsorry.

Even though ruby holds one of the highest values as a gemstone, she’s neither stiff nor pretentious. She owns her regal power with dignity and grace, but she never lets her ego get in the way. That’s why ruby makes such a great stone for all the lady bosses in the house. 


The Latin rubeus, meaning ‘red’. 

In Sanskrit, the ruby is called ratnaraj, meaning ‘king of precious stones’.

Ruby’s strength takes root in one of the highest mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas. A wild explosion between China and India; a collision of such force that mountains were born. As the two land masses collided, the pressure rippling through tectonic plates carried with it heat and minerals, transforming solid rock into the fiery gemstone we now call ruby. 

That’s why ruby is such a magnet for abundance. It’s steeped in the Earth’s greatest tough-love lessons. It’s related to the world’s highest mountains. And it’s infused with fierce feminine energy. Everyone has a little ruby in their heart. It’s time to set it free.

Birthstone for: July

Ruby zodiac sign:Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Ruby chakra:

  • The first chakra – the Root or Muladhara chakra.

    Root chakra is the foundational kinetic energy in the body. Since it’s the source of stamina, when your root chakra is out of balance, you’ll feel lethargic, easily distracted and unmotivated. And when you’re feeling strong in the roots, it’ll help you gain confidence and clarity in life.

  •  The third chakra – the Heart or the Anahata chakra.

    Ruby gives you the vitality to pursue your passion. A potent stone for big dreams, ruby can amplify whatever feelings occupy your heart, both the good and bad. That being said, always use it with caution when your heart is feeling untamed.

Who can use a bit of ruby in their lives:

July babes. Your spouse of 15 years. The love of your life who also happens to be your best friend (lucky duckling!). Your sister when she’s PMS-ing.

Silver aquamarine rings


  • Vitality

  • Courage

  • High energy

  • Leadership

  • Wealth

  • Generosity

  • Family

  • Commitment
  • Passion


  • Shooing away nightmares

  • Activating your life force and mastering Jedi mind tricks

  • Clearing your focus to get motivated

  • Amplifying a degustation so you can appreciate the subtlest flavor profiles and taste the visceral warmth of pleasure bubbling through your vein

  • Getting over the seven-year itch

  • Sexy time

  • Curbing the wrath of Aunt Flo

Aquamarine origins

Our rubies are responsibly sourced from: Indonesia, Thailand, Madagascar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka

Tough Love level: 7-9 Mohs scale of hardness

Ruby is a tough gemstone. You can use it as an everyday gemstone, mounted in a prong setting. Store it in a separate ring box to keep it from scratching other gemstones.

Common treatments: Heat treatment and lead glass filling. Beware of the latter. 


Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum and a sister of sapphire. It comes in a shade of pink to blood-red, with pigeon blood ruby commanding the highest price. What gives ruby its reddish tint is the presence of chromium.

  • Faceted ruby simply means the gemstone is cut to maximize its brilliance. 

  • Cabochon ruby has no facets and is polished to be smooth and round.

  • Star ruby  exhibits asterism (a six-rayed-star light effect) because of the presence of rutile inclusions. The six-rayed-star will shimmer when moved. Star ruby usually has a smooth and rounded appearance.

  • Trapiche ruby is similar to star ruby, but with a fixed star and often cut and traded in slices. 


All rubies will have a strong red color, but their overtone colors can range from purple to orange. 

  • Pigeon blood red ruby, also called Burma ruby, has a pure medium dark red color. Believed to be a sacred piece, owning it is akin to owning a piece of history.

  • Orange-red ruby has a delicious warm orange tone reminiscent of sunset. Often sold as sunset sold or Songea sapphire.

  • Purple-red ruby has a femme fatale charm with its fuschia tone.

  • Brown-red ruby is a toned-down version of the pigeon blood ruby. More mellow and less vivid.

  • Pink-red ruby is similar to pink sapphire. When the pink becomes too light, it's considered a pink sapphire.


Corundum is the second hardest natural mineral after diamonds, and is a very compact and dense stone. It comes in many shades of colors, of which the red variety is called ruby. 



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