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Where did my diamond go?

Where did my diamond go?
On Getting Laser-Inscribed Rocks

Here’s a scenario for ya: you buy yourself a gorgeous diamond that matches your birth month (say...April), then wear it day and night. A few years in, a damage in the rock sends you to repairs, but when you get it back, your gut tells you that you received a whole different diamond! But you’re not entirely certain. And there’s no proof!

These tiny stones are so valuable that they might be stolen and switched by lesser-quality diamonds in its long journey from miner to jeweler. Egad, am I right?

The good news is – laser inscription on a diamond’s girdle have become a popular trend for security enhancement (which is why we now have Australian and Canadian diamonds that are laser-inscribed, because that's how we roll).

What are Laser-Inscribed Diamonds?

A laser inscription is a combination of letters and numbers etched in a diamond (or any rock!), most often on the stone’s girdle. The numbers and letters form the unique ID of your diamond, and is paired with the ID on its certification report. This provides a way to verify your rock, so that you can avoid fraud scenarios. Like the one we started out with here. 

We think this is a big step forward in keeping your stones secure. But keep in mind this ID isn't a hi-tech tracking solution with servers and live updates (it ain't your iPhone!). In other words, if it’s stolen or switched after you bought it as a ring, tracking and recovering your diamond ring will still be a challenge. Unless…someone found it, saw the serial code, and made an attempt to search for the owner. In which case, you could probably recover it. After thanking that kind-hearted stranger.

Also, if someone really wanted your precious jewel, altering or removing the serial code could be done quite easily. (Sorry to burst your bubble.)

Though it’s not entirely foolproof, purchasing a laser-inscribed diamond means you can tell your repair-person about the inscription, so that they can be more careful to not damage your diamond by accident. When you receive your diamond back, make sure to look for the inscription to ensure it's yours.

The same thing can be done when you purchase your stone. Before leaving the shop, read the inscription and make sure it’s the same code with the one on your certification.

The Inscription Process  

Some jewelers have lamented the idea of inscribing letters and numbers on the diamond, assuming it’s lessening the value of the rock and its aesthetic qualities. But with really shallow depth being affected, the rock doesn't lose any clarity, brilliance, and colors from the process. And by using laser, which is heat-free, it’s unlikely to be damaged or shattered in the process. All in all, having a matching-guarantee between what you have in your hand and what’s on paper is reassuring, and a good option for buyers who want more security. 

What else?

If you're getting ideas with this laser-inscription technology, you’re not the only one. Buyers (and brides and grooms!) everywhere have taken advantage of this technology to engrain their rocks with words or their own secret codes. (You can now eternalize an “I love you” on your diamond!). If you want to get creative with your secret message, a good place to start is to consult with the jewelers as different stones will endure a different inscription process.

Does the sound of a personalized, laser-inscribed diamond get you excited? Us too. Let's make it happen! 

Shop our Canadian laser-inscribed diamonds here, and we'll make you the (engagement) ring of your dreams. These come with a certificate of origin and have a maple leaf laser inscribed in them. How cool is that? 

More into salt and pepper diamonds? Browse our selection of Australian laser-inscribed diamonds here, complete with certificate of origin and unique code inscription. Design your own, one of a kind ring. 

These diamonds are really, honestly conflict-free. That means, in some cases, the diamond is traceable, and extraction is well regulated. It also means the journey of getting that diamond piece to you and as part of your #OOTD did not involve any conflict, such as the funding of rebel groups and other kinds of shady kerfuffle.


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