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Mismatched Emerald Crystal Earrings

Like sand, she could easily slip through your fingers. But she cups your face softly and peppers your skin with kisses. Reassuring you of her commitment and affection. She will not be owned, but she would give herself gladly.


  • Sterling silver
  • Emerald crystal from Afghanistan
  • May birthstone
  • Sold as a slightly mismatched pair

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Emerald Crystal Earrings

A mismatched pair that fits together, the embodiment of the yin and yang philosophy. Rough emerald crystals hailing from Afghanistan, these lovelies hold the sweetest green color and shine both soft and bright.

See which unique, one of a kind pair of emerald earrings you'll get in the photos.


Emerald is the birthstone for May and one of the rare gemstones where inclusions are embraced as being a positive thing.

Just like Mother Nature’s succulence, emerald is a powerful stone that’s overflowing with richness. A cornucopia of sorts, if you will. It provides mental calm and emotional equilibrium. It’s the proverbial chill pill, and it’s also sexy as hell.

Wear this green gemstone for abundance and growth, wisdom and focus, confidence and self-esteem.

Style Tips

Wear your emerald crystal earrings with a Vertical Emerald Crystal Ring for some seafoam shades to brighten your days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Nathalie D.B. (Flanders, Belgium)
Excellent service, beautiful ring

I bought this ring as a birthday gift to myself and absolutely love it. It looks even better than it does in the pictures. Delivery was quick as usual with GOTS and it also had a lovely message from the team since it was my 20th order. Thank you guys!

Greta W. (Georgia, United States)
The Most Beautiful Pearl

My name means pearl, so I've always used pearls as a sort of symbol in my life. I saw this on the Gardens of the Sun Instagram page and knew I had to have one. I have so enjoyed wearing it and can't believe the quality of the pearl. It is stunning!

Elizabeth S. (Illinois, United States)
Sweet + Dainty = Perfect

I could go on and on about how perfect and unique Gardens of the Sun’s rings are but it’s not even about that...You truly feel a part of a community and family of people greater than yourself. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait as long as I did to buy one of these pieces of art.

Loreto (Santiago Metropolitan, Chile)

I bought this ring because it reminds me a ring that my grandma used to have. I don’t know if it was the same stone but the feeling I had when I put it in my finger was absolutely intense.
It’s an amazing ring and I can tell that you make them with absolute love.
Thank you so much!