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Tiny Diamond Ring

Like dewdrops in the morning, she makes the world just a little more beautiful, and your heart a little more peaceful. Use this small diamond solitaire ring to mark a love that's everlasting and knows no bounds.


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Tiny Diamond Ring

They say life is made up of the little moments, that it's not about the flashy parties or anniversaries. It is the Tuesdays nights when you can't fall sleep, your bodies intertwined, breathing in the silence. It is supermarket bread rolls and coffee in the morning. It is after work, in the park, holding hands with the only person that makes all these tiny moments feel big.

This tiny diamond engagement ring features a 0.08 ct to 0.11 ct natural diamond mined and polished by hand in Kalimantan, Indonesia. These small diamonds are a little wonky and irregular - a testament to it being cut by hand using locally available cutting tools.

Each diamond is set with four prongs onto a round band of recycled sterling silver. The small gemstone and dainty ring make it an ideal choice for those who want a daily reminder of their romance without wearing anything too striking.

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The most notorious, famously famous of all the crystals – the diamond is the April birthstone and a hell of a fighter. It’s a crazy powerful stone that enhances inner vision. Diamonds make happiness a million times better. A gem to bring forth the art of “more”. Whatever you feel inside, diamond amplifies it tenfold.

The diamonds used in this jewelry have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. These diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. Our supplier guarantees that they are conflict free and traded in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

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Recycled sterling silver

We use recycled silver from Umicore. This company is listed as a Conflict Free Smelter by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMA), Chain-of-Custody certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and complies with the LBMA Responsible Ag Guidance. We opt for recycled silver as an interim solution while we look into setting up a traceable supply chain for artisanal, pollution free silver.

Jewelry Care 

Each piece of our jewelry is handcrafted with love. To ensure a lifetime of enjoyment, please care for your jewelry using the soft cloth included in your purchase. For a gentle, natural cleaning option, consider adding soap nuts or our eco-friendly cleaning kit to your order. Be sure to also read our jewelry care guide for more tips.

Style tips

Complete the look of your small diamond solitaire ring with a nesting band that catches your eye.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Monet (Michigan, United States)
Who doesn’t love presents?

The only thing better than shopping the One Of A Kind sale is opening the free surprise ring with purchase! Both delicate and bold, it’s a genuine treasure. This is why I keep coming back and back and back.

Beautiful ring!

The ring was even more special in person and the package was beautifully put together, and it was so special to open! I especially loved the little cards telling me about the gemstones, I love stuff like that :)

Nathalie D.B. (Brussels Capital, Belgium)
Always the best service

My lovely ring arrived with a an extra gift, a beautiful little necklace! I absolutely love both of the items, thank you! Also, when I ordered I made a mistake with my order and customer service was very quick to help me. 10 out of 10 as usual!

Ben B. (California, United States)

My husband bought me a beautiful sapphire & topaz necklace for my birthday in September. He gave it to me early & I love it! Even though sapphire is my birthstone I don’t always love it. This is a unique & lovely blue. I really appreciate the extra jump rings so I can have options for how long it is. Also glad the chain is thicker than previous necklaces from GOTS