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Ceylon Sapphire Ring

Time and space are malleable in her hands. And she shows you how to access the secrets of the universe. You play in dimensions not your own, and you travel through quadrants that has never even been fathomed. You run through swirling wormholes, knowing home is where your heart is. Courage you never had before.


  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Unique sapphire from Sri Lanka, possibly heated for color 
  • September birthstone

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Moody shades of sapphire grace this silver ring that will only tell you it stories if you are willing to trade with yours. Fiercely loyal and protective in nature, this ring requires a strong personality who knows how to love with all their heart.

Each of these is a one of a kind sapphire ring, part of the Embrace collection. Trace mineral content within the crystal gives it its colored glow. The sapphire was born in the earths of Sri Lanka and now finds itself in the embrace of a sterling silver band. And on your finger, perhaps?

See which one you'll get in the photos. The vintage style wooden and velvet ring box is not included, your ring will arrive gift wrapped in one of our signature boxes.

Wear this unique and one of a kind silver sapphire ring with mismatched sapphire earrings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Alex V. (California, United States)
Love my custom!

*** Sorry, left on the wrong posting *** The custom birthstone design process was super easy and well thought out! I enjoyed picking the birthstones from the drop down menus. When it was finished they sent a cute little photo shoot of the necklace exactly like the other listing photos on their website (high quality - see below). The necklace was perfect the first go around and I did not need them to edit anything, although I am sure that process would have been as seamless as the rest. With how quality the photos are it can be hard to remember how small millimeters are, but I think the daintiness just adds to the overall feeling. I love it!

Samanta E. (New York, United States)
Stunning Kite Citrine!

I am always so in awe of these beautiful pieces when they arrive at my door. The Gardens of the Sun team packages each piece with so much love and care. My kite citrine ring is absolutely gorgeous and I’m truly never disappointed by the quality of these gemstones. Knowing that everything is sourced ethically and sustainably only makes each purchase that much more special! Thank you so much 🧡

Katrina B. (South Carolina, United States)

I ordered this ring as a replacement for my wedding rings bc I lost a whole bunch of weight and couldn’t get my originals resized. I was worried it was gonna look huge on my hand but it’s perfection. I can’t stop looking at it. I will definitely order from Gardens of the sun again!

Rachelle (Ohio, United States)
That flash!

This labradorite necklace has such An amazing flash! Love the setting. Always enjoy reading the personal note left by staff and the cards that talk about the stones. Thank you!