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Jewelry with a good cause

COP26 in Glasgow failed to cut emissions as needed. The world is still on track for what scientists say would be catastrophic. The world is still on fire. 

Gardens of the Sun takes environmental responsibility and gives back. We:  

  • Plant trees for every single purchase 

  • Promise our gold does not contribute to deforestation

  • Offset our emissions over 2020

  • Last year, we offered 3 scholarships to indigenous children, donated to Pure Earth and we adopted a lemur too 

However, we’ve never made it this easy for you to participate in causes you believe in!  

For every purchase of $100 or more, you donate to one of the programs below. This is our way of taking action directly, even if politicians won’t. This is our way of navigating the consumerism driving Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is our Christmas present to you. 

pick your xmas present from these 5 good causes


Adopt a coral

Adopt a coral on Nusa Penida island via Blue Corner Conservation.

Imagine diving and planting coral reefs at the same time. What Blue Corner Conservation is doing since 2011 is encouraging healthy growth of new coral reef ecosystems in the northern coastline of Nusa Penida. Because coral reefs are the rainforests of the seas. 

Setting up coral nurseries, performing transplants and mapping for secondary settlements are just a few restoration activities Blue Corner Conservation is involved in. A small tourist island next to Bali, the coral reef in Nusa Penida has been in a state of degradation for more than a decade due to coral bleaching, coral harvesting, pollution, overfishing and tourism activities.


plant 100 trees in biak

Plant 100 mangrove trees in Biak via Eden Reforestation Projects.

Mangrove trees play an essential role in the fight against climate change. They sequester more CO2 than tropical rainforest and keep the ecosystem both on land and in the ocean in balance. We’ve been working with Eden Reforestation Projects for years now, and are happy to plant 100 more trees for you in Biak, Papua. 


plant 100 trees IN Madagascar

Plant 100 trees in Madagascar via Eden Reforestation Projects.

Deforestation has long been an issue for Madagascar, an island with high concentration of endemic species. In the coastal zone, mangrove trees help stabilize the island from storms and weather events. Inland, dry deciduous forests are home to the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Together with the local community, Eden Reforestation Projects strategically plant millions of saplings in deforested coastlines and lands. 


provide 1 family with clean water

Donate 1 clean water filter for 1 family in need in Bali via Social Impakt.

Tap water in Bali isn’t safe to drink. The choice is either to boil the tap water or to buy water in gallons, which can be expensive for those living below the poverty line. With Bali’s economy slow to bounce back without tourism, many have difficulties accessing clean drinking water. Social Impakt’s water filter provides a simple system at a low cost, making it a reliable choice for families in need. 


support a pregnant woman

Provide a pregnant woman with a pre-natal midwife visit and one month of vitamins via Bumi Sehat.

Yayasan Bumi Sehat (aptly translates to Foundation of Healthy Mother Earth) is a childbirth center based in Ubud, Bali. This center promotes holistic health care to both the mother and the newborn. It’s led by CNN Hero Ibu Robin Lim, and builds on the concept of gentle birth. Using a pay by donation method, Bumi Sehat has catered to local mothers and families since 1995. 

So how does it work? 

You place an order of at least $100. On the cart page, you select the charity of your choice. Once we’ve made the donation, you’ll receive a certificate.