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The Origins Collection are dreams turned reality. Our first range of jewelry where we know exactly where the materials we've used for this jewelry came from. This is as traceable as it gets.

The most ethical pieces in our collection, this jewelry boasts stones and gold that are sourced from artisanal miners, cut by independent cutters, and crafted by our team of skilled artisans.

A collection in memoriam of better halves. Or for those that still feel whole despite their asymmetry. Despite not having both wings, they still fly south to find home. Finding comfort wherever they are in the world.

For those that find balance among the imbalance, beauty in the chaos, and peace in the pieces.

For those that still believe in the magic, in the mermaids that sing us lullabies to sleep.

She lets you be you, with all the heavy and dark that sometimes make you feel like you're a black hole. Because you're also the gravity that keeps everything together and in place – the stars, the galaxies, the souls that fall into your sky.

This is a reminder that you are ever embraced, in darkness and in light, because you yourself are a force of nature that was once someone's dawn in their never-ending night.

Minimal, but not mediocre. Essential, but not esoteric. Basic, but not boring. These are your must-have pieces to complete any wardrobe and start a jewelry box meant to outlast any trends. 

Our collection of diamond slice jewelry.

Each piece is something you can wear with confidence, featuring slices of heaven as fierce as you are. 

Hidden Gems is for those who expect more, and give more in return. For those who want to say more. For those who live intensely and love intensely.

Rough gemstone jewelry, but make it dainty and rainbow colored. 

Dedicated to the square pegs in their round holes, they still make it work and they make it look so damn fun. These are for the battle scars, the ones attained within the raw depths of life, of loss, of love.

These are for those that stay authentic, stand their ground, stick to their truth, despite it all. They persevered under pressure, and a diamond came out.

Rough gemstone jewelry set with prongs. 

Our whole life is made up of a constellation of souls; those we seek, and those who seek us. And then there are those that come into our lives without warning, without as much as a hello but to whom we’ll never say goodbye.

It’s like the Universe conspires to create the most perfect journey, unbeknownst to us, so everything happens for us, not to us.

And these souls, we wear on our sleeves forever. 

You're a rare breed. Being ordinary is so boring. It is for you that I have created the Unicorn collection.

Like a whisper louder than any scream could be, this jewelry is so irresistibly there and the whole world knows. 

Rough and real, like the building blocks of life itself. Bittersweet, multi-layered, juicy and raw all in one bite; this collection captures all of life’s dimensions and holds them to their truth, to the most basic form of existence.

To the speck of carbon that makes us reality. To the unseen forces that push and pull. And all the particles in between.

Rough gemstone jewelry with bezel settings. 

The Tribe Collection is inspired by the people of Gardens of the Sun. From those working in our studio, to the miners and metal smiths we work with, to our clients sharing their stories and values through jewelry.

The Tribe jewelry combines different gemstone cuts and colors, to represent the different backgrounds, ethnicities and stories.

Interstellar jewelry collection inspired by what lies beneath the map of the galaxy. From the gentle moon to blazing meteorites, grab yourself a little sparkle and douse yourself in stardust with any of these space inspired jewelry.