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Gardens of the Sun releases the Tribe jewelry collection, with mismatched earrings as the stars of the collection.

The Tribe collection reflects the seemingly random lives that touch ours. The people that show up in our life. The unexpected ways our lives connect. How we inter-depend on one another. 

The indigenous women miners we work with are part of our tribe. We better and complement each other. The gold that connects us, also connects them to our clients sharing their stories and values through jewelry. All that through little flakes of gold! 

Inspired by the strength of the feminine, the Tribe collection brings together unusual pairings of ethically sourced gemstones in recycled sterling silver. These colorful pieces remind us of the beauty of differences in the backgrounds, ethnicities and stories. 

Curvy lines meet rough edges. Crown rings in different colors and styles. Raw sapphires from the jungles of Borneo paired with opal from Australia. Jewelry to celebrate the vibrant communities we’re a part of. 

“This is a celebration, a homage, to all women out there.”

- Meri Geraldine


Recycled Silver

This collection uses recycled sterling silver

Hand Crafted

All jewelry is made by hand

Plants 5 Trees

Gardens of the Sun plants 5 trees for every piece of jewelry sold

Genuine Gemstones

Ethically sourced, natural gemstones


Gardens of the Sun

Gardens of the Sun is an ethical jewelry brand based in Bali. What makes it ethical? Gardens of the Sun sources diamonds, sapphires and gold directly from miners in Kalimantan, and can tell you exactly which countries their gemstones came from. Their gold supports indigenous women and their silver is recycled - until for that too, they set up their own supply chain. 

Gardens of the Sun is carbon neutral and has planted 55,127 trees in Indonesia and Madagascar. 

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