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Bicolor Sapphire Ring

She wraps you up in thick fluffy blankets and piles of cloud-soft pillows in a fort around you. Plates of cake are arranged in lopsided piles, like offerings to a hungry god. Her wordless support makes your heart soar, and the hot chocolate you are sipping warms you down to your core.


  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Blue sapphire, heated from Sri Lanka
  • September birthstone

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Bicolor Sapphire Ring

Seafoam shades of blue sapphires that are bright and cheerful decorate these dainty silver rings. Held securely with prong settings in recycled sterling silver, these rings are the perfect companion for stacking silver rings, and Virgos who are on the go.

Find which Sri Lankan sapphire will go home with you from the photos.

Make a framed stacking silver ring set with a Curved Black Spinel Band and a Curved Nesting Band. Or pair it with a Double Sapphire Necklace for a sweet silver sapphire jewelry set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Sarah W. (Ohio, United States)
The perfect shade of red!

I am in love! It's so bright and the perfect shade of red that I look for in a garnet. Definitely going to have to get the matching necklace!

C.V. (Bali, Indonesia)
We like the mismatched earrings!! <3

Besides the unconventional earring shapes out there, I decided to buy the mismatched bundle for my mom and my sis. To my expectation, they really like them! My mom who is in her fifties even likes the fact wearing the mismatch earrings.

Super happy! Thank you Gardens of the Sun team <3

Erica K.T. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Love it and hv posted in my instastory

Unboxing was exciting. I love the color of the opal gem.

Devin W. (New Jersey, United States)

I love the beauty and creativity of these earrings. I wear them almost everyday. The garnet is a beautiful dark red, and I love the how comfortable they are.