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Borneo Shield Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold

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Even after tasting all her complex flavors, and seeing her technicolor dreams, and touching her jagged edges and feeling her soft center; she was still so simple, it was all so simple: there is love and there is she, and that's all that there is.


  • 18 karat yellow gold, mined with traditional and low impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay
  • 0.54 ct shield cut light yellow diamond from South Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo
  • Comes with a diamond certificate from the government-owned LPSB lab, unfortunately the certificate has been damaged at the top during transit
  • Ethically sourced and conflict free
  • One of a kind


The modern shield cut diamond is a real eye-catcher. She's a very pale yellow, which means that she doesn't look yellow from a distance, but rather like a warm disco party with copious amounts of champagne. 

The ethically sourced diamond weighs just over half a carat. Think: the perfect size for everyday wear. 

According to the diamond certificate report:

  • Triangle modified brilliant cut
  • Weighs 0.54 ct and measures 5.63 x 5.22 x 2.72 mm
  • Cut grade is good with good polish and symmetry
  • Clarity grade is SI2 with noticeable inclusions, namely crystal, cleavage and natural 
  • Color grade is faint yellow (M) with medium blue fluorescence (LW)

So why is this diamond ethically sourced? Rarely will you know where your diamond comes from, as they're traded in large batches and mixed in the process. For this stone, we personally went to South Kalimantan to visit the diamond mines on the rubber plantations of the locals and met with the cutters. We know that thus stone was mined and cut in Indonesian Borneo, where all diamonds are mined and cut on a small scale rather than by large corporations. 

The diamond has been securely set in 18 karat gold. This gold was responsibly mined by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, who receive a 20% premium for their gold in exchange for using low impact techniques that are free of mercury and cyanide. 

We only get small batches of this gold, because traditional gold panning means they only get very small particles of gold, which combines into less than a gram a day. Your ring is a true labor of love. 

Would make a wonderful ethical engagement ring or wedding band for the couple who wants a guilt-free ring to symbolize their love. This is that ring. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

The unboxing experience was wonderful! The packaging was adorable and the ring itself came with a tiny wire flower wrapped around it, which just made my heart melt. The ring itself is also beautiful! The stone is brilliant and it appears to be high-quality silver, as it's not tarnishing and it's not turning my finger green.


I love this vibrant, juicy stone! The setting is well made and a delicate compliment to the sapphire. Thank you so much!

Perfect ring set

The pink sapphire ring and rainbow moonstones ring couldn't fit more beautifully together. It feels like a match made in heaven. The color of the pink sapphire is so exquisite. It slightly varies from lilac to pink whether I put it under natural or artificial light and it reminds me of a vibrant pink orchid. I can tell these Gardens of the Sun rings were made with so much love and passion.

Sparkly, dainty, full of spirit

Gorgeous and thoughtful packaging which I enjoyed unwrapping and beautiful Embrace Emermald Ring and Mermaid Earring which are such delights. The ring is dainty but full of sparkles in the most elegant way. I can’t keep my eyes off it. It matches and stacks so well. I look forward to wearing it very often. The earring is just the cutest. Thank you to the team at Gardens of the Sun for these beauties. Love everything you guys do!