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Solitaire Zircon Ring

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Oh how you must love yourself. How can you compare yourself to others when you are the only one like you? How do you compare two distinct things? Two distinct creatures? It's mind-boggling, this idea of comparing perfect to perfect. But how?


  • Sterling silver
  • Zircon from Cambodia
  • December birthstone
  • Open bezel setting

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Zircon is such a cool natural gemstone! Gem lovers sing its praises for its flashes of multicolored light, incredible brilliance and color flashes of fire. It's often misunderstood and mistaken by the fake cubic zirconia. So just FYI: this is a natural gem dug out of the earth.

An awesome gemstone for artists, writers and creatives, said to double your charisma. Zircon brings a balanced boost of passion and understanding to relationships. No wonder it's considered a timeless gift for a friend or loved one getting married!

My favorite aspect is that it's such a great gemstone for sisterhood and getting along with other women. It's said to give women strength in giving birth, remove spirals of fear, and bless you with confidence.

Have a niece or daughter who just graduated? Zircon sparks curiosity and the pursuit of truth. A little wearable encouragement to pursue their studies!

Style Tips

Stack with a curved nesting band.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I love this vibrant, juicy stone! The setting is well made and a delicate compliment to the sapphire. Thank you so much!

Perfect ring set

The pink sapphire ring and rainbow moonstones ring couldn't fit more beautifully together. It feels like a match made in heaven. The color of the pink sapphire is so exquisite. It slightly varies from lilac to pink whether I put it under natural or artificial light and it reminds me of a vibrant pink orchid. I can tell these Gardens of the Sun rings were made with so much love and passion.

Sparkly, dainty, full of spirit

Gorgeous and thoughtful packaging which I enjoyed unwrapping and beautiful Embrace Emermald Ring and Mermaid Earring which are such delights. The ring is dainty but full of sparkles in the most elegant way. I can’t keep my eyes off it. It matches and stacks so well. I look forward to wearing it very often. The earring is just the cutest. Thank you to the team at Gardens of the Sun for these beauties. Love everything you guys do!


Very beautiful ring and fits perfectly.It is very well made and I love the open bezel setting