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Triple Amethyst Ring

She was your attempt to articulate the casual raptures and regrets of everyday life. She was your poetry, your muse, the bridge to your chorus. She was all this until she said, “I am not your art. I would not inspire that which doesn’t already exist inside.


  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Square cut amethyst from Brazil
  • February birthstone
  • Three purple gemstones
  • Trinity ring
  • Ready to ship

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Triple Amethyst Ring

This dainty trinity ring with amethyst features three purple gemstones lined up. The square cut amethyst was mined in Brazil. 


Amethyst is the February birthstone. This handy helper is like a warm, fuzzy cup of sunshine, or chamomile tea, or Valium – whatever floats your boat. Get your fix right here.

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that lights up the dark. Seriously, it should probably be made the official crystal of the Jedi. Amethyst is made up of The Force. It thwarts the dark side like no other, while singing hymns of compassion, and shining a light on the soul, allowing for super duper clarity in letting go of bad juju.

Amethyst is great for letting go, for that friend who’s a trainwreck but also too fragile for an intervention or a long lost love. It’s also a rock for the creatives. It lets your creative juices flow without the risk of getting carried away by your creative passions.

Style Tips

Your amethyst ring will be similar to the photos. It's very dainty and small, makes a great amethyst stacking ring!

Pair this three-stone amethyst ring with amethyst slice necklace.

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Erica K.T. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Love it and hv posted in my instastory

Unboxing was exciting. I love the color of the opal gem.

Devin W. (New Jersey, United States)

I love the beauty and creativity of these earrings. I wear them almost everyday. The garnet is a beautiful dark red, and I love the how comfortable they are.

Grace D. (California, United States)
Shiny sparkly made to last

I love everything about this ring. Opening a gardens of the sun package is always a pleasant experience. I love the packaging and the little cards that tell you info about the stones used. My favorite place to get jewelry! <3

K.G. (Missouri, United States)
Beautiful and simple

I loved how I was updated along the way and the care they put into designing my ring. I expected it to take a lot longer and they got it done so quickly I already have my ring. I’ve long wanted to purchase a Garden of the Sun ring, but haven’t had an excuse until I found one that will look perfect with my engagement for my wedding coming up next month.