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January 08, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

There’s something promising about the year 2020. Aside from the intriguing symmetry of the numbers, it’s also the year where sustainability and ethical practices will be at the heart of every conversation. It’s looking to be the year that it’ll become the norm for people to stop and think about their individual impacts. We’re already seeing conversation on the online sphere on how we can all do better.

So, what 2020 trends am I excited about?


Classic blue: Pantone's color of the year

For 20 years, Pantone has released their annual color of the year. It’s a massive undertaking done by researchers to accurately provide a ‘snapshot’ of what we’re all talking about, taking their cues from patterns that reoccur around the world. This year’s color is Classic Blue. It’s a color that’s long been associated with calm. A universal color that compliments everyone. In some ways we can say it’s a color that connects us.

It’s reassuring and comforting (no wonder banks love to use blue in their logo’s). In the chaotic world we live in, this hue fits neatly to help calm things down. I love that it relates to the blue sapphire, which is incidentally the gem of gemstones. The sapphire is seen as healer of the highest order, and prides itself as the stone of love

The depths of Deep Blue as a color speaks to me in a multitude of ways, and it has me buzzing with excitement. But it’s one of those things that I’m not ready to share just yet! I would say though, that you’ll need to keep an eye out on our blog and socials to find out exactly why right now, I’m 10 seconds away from spilling some really cool secrets. 

Ethical Practices in Fashion

Self-expression and personal style is where it’s at. There’s no doubt about it, “trend’ is a dirty word and we get to freely choose what we want to wear. Be it dad sneakers, bucket hats, or to crossdress at the Met Gala. The trend is to embrace who you are, no matter how different that might be.

Ferris dressed top-to-toe ethical. Wearing a dress from Sukkha Cita, a brand that places importance on empowerment and sustainability. And completing the look with our ethically made gold rings from the Origins Collection.

What connects fashion aficionados this year? The answer to that is… sustainability. One of the world’s leading ethical designers, Stella McCartney is featured on the American Vogue January 2020 cover, marking the way for fashion’s focus on sustainability issue. Stella and tech giant Google are working on a tool that can track the environmental impact of cotton and viscose. They aim to “quantify even the most obscure links in the fashion supply chain”.

We can expect the fashion industry to be more and more environmentally conscious from now on. It’s better late than never. Fashion is the world’s second-biggest contributor to pollution and waste, and changes are needed in this industry, now. If these tasks sound like they’re for the big guys, it’s possibly true. For us though, it can be much simpler than that. Repeat this mantra after me: Shop ethically, shop mindfully. If there’s one little thing we can do to help, it’s this. We all need to take part in sustainable fashion.


Sustainability is the One Trend To Rule Them All. And if you need Saruman’s ominous voice to remember this, then so be it. As a society, we went through a huge awakening in 2010s, making it the decade of burgeoning environmental-consciousness. I don’t see the 2020s diverting from it. This is our time to take this further and act. On individual levels we’ve been trying to reduce our plastic consumption, looked for better ways to cut our personal carbon footprint, or even using an environmentally friendly search engine like Ecosia (yes, it’s a thing!).

Pak Aman, a sapphire miner we work with in Central Kalimantan showing us his harvest

It’s never been cooler to be ethical. Though hopefully, it’s not be a mere trend for the sake of being cool. To get you started, here are some baby steps you can do to make sustainability a part of your 2020 resolutions:

  1. Start cycling, even if you’re not Dutch.
  2. Reduce food waste, and start composting, here's how to get started.
  3. Get reusable everything and use them! Bags, straws, coffee cups. Reuse your things.
  4. Eat plant-based and locally produced food, and cook with ingredients that are in season.
  5. ... and most importantly, start small. Your actions matter!

Are you ready for this new decade to start? Leave a comment down below to let us know what you think will be this year’s biggest trend!