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My favorite pieces of jewelry are those with stories intertwined with them over the years. Aside from their beauty, they carry such sentimental value. 

There are gifts from loved ones, travel keepsakes, the piece I wore during a first kiss, and of course, the jewelry that I designed myself.

I wanted to share that warm fuzzy feeling of dreaming up a custom piece and seeing it come to life as real jewelry. That experience of choosing and arranging colored stones, and figuring out the right combination to make it so you

I wanted to share another way you can tell your stories.

The custom birthstone jewelry series are among our most popular pieces. You can also create a custom birthstone ring, bracelet or necklace. Even earrings! Customized jewelry can be a thoughtful way of giving a personalized gift (hello, Christmas presents!).  

This customized necklace is made with a double sided meteorite my friend brought back from one of her travels.

If the word ’customized’ feels daunting to you, I’m here with secrets to share. Everything you need to know to combine birthstones like a pro.

Based on birthstones

Much like people who are into astrology, birthstones also have their own loyal following. Each month has at least one birthstone associated with it. 

Do you know your birthstone? Or stone(s)as the case may be.

Birthstones have evolved a lot throughout the years.  For instance, as an August baby, my birthstone today is the spinel and the peridot. But in the 15th century, it would have been moonstone and topaz.

To keep things simple, you can find your month's stones listed on our Build Your Own Birthstone series. Or you can check out our birthstone page and shop your birthstones directly.

Psst. Custom birthstone jewelry is also a fun gift idea for your loved ones, or a great way to remember your family

based on color

You don't always have to wear just your birthstone! You can get creative mixing and matching your favorite stones based on color. And it all goes back to Art 101. All you need is a color wheel to start.

Complimentary colors 

Colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

Custom Double Birthstone Ring

There’s a saying, "opposites attract". Same goes with color. Opposing colors can balance each other. 

Choose a contrasting color combination if you want to make a bold statement.

Analogous Color

Colors located next to each other on the wheel. 

Custom Multi Birthstone Ring

You can choose two analogous colors or create an ombre effect with four or five gemstones lined up. 

This works best when there's a main color combined with other colors as a muted accent.  

Triadic Colors 

Three colors equally spaced from one another in the color wheel.

Custom Multi Birthstone Ring

You can choose colors by placing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. Each point will intersect with one color, and voila you have your gorgeous selection of colors!

Choose one color for the main stone, and let the other two become supporting accents.  

Monochromatic Colors

Color shades derived from a single hue.

Custom Multi Birthstone Ring

If you’re a fan of minimalism, monochromatic colors are your color scheme. Playing on shades and tones, you can create an amazing gradation of stones. 

You really can’t go wrong with monochromatic colors.  

Negative Space

Using the absence of color to further highlight the main color.

Custom Triple Birthstone Ring

Negative space or white space is a design principle where a ‘blank’ space is used to highlight and balance out other design elements. For jewelry, you can apply this principle by using colorless stones!

Lightly tinted stones or colorless stones are versatile and will go well with any colors on the wheel. You can put one main color in the middle, and place colorless stones as accents around it to highlight the main color.  

I’ll be talking more about designing your very own custom silver jewelry in the coming weeks. 

Drop me a line if you have any questions about designing your own customs jewelry!

If this has inspired you to design your own personalized piece - you can start your own journey today!

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