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For such a loved up species, we often miss one very important kind; philiaaka platonic love. Friendship. The highest form of love.. 

Remember back in the day, when we made friendship bracelets for our BFFs with a rainbow of colors?

Friendship bracelets don't have to be a thing of the past. Bring it back, we say! 

True friendships age like fine wine. And that’s a fact. We should celebrate it now, more than ever, as our memories settle into the nooks and crannies of our lives, cementing our friendships. 

On this Friendship Day, why not take a moment to think of the friends you’d like to give a gazillion thanks to? 

For that friend who can’t stop reading Haruki Murakami 

She’s always a bit out there. Poignant and full of poetry in her heart. You find yourself walking wobbly amongst her tall tales and fantasies, but you always come out fresh and renewed. For those friends with that special streak, give them yellow and pink tourmaline: two gemstones the color of nebulas, because she reminds you of the stark beauty of the infinite.  

yellow and pink tourmaline

garnet and citrine 

For that friend who takes you out of your comfort zone 

You two are always out and about, caught up in will-we-live-to-tell-the-tale shenanigans. Lined up here are garnet and citrine: the colors of courage, strength, and passion. She reminds you of the grit of passion, and the resilience you have when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

Your pinky promise to your bestie when you're starting a business together 

They said:don’t start a business with your besties. Yet you two are so stubborn and so passionate and so eager to show them they’re wrong. So then came the promise that friendships come first, no matter what. Turquoise and zircon adorn this bracelet like fresh water drops. Crisp and pure, these two speak volumes about the purity of promises

round Egyptian turquoise and round pale aquamarine

red baguette garnet, amethyst, green tourmaline, ruby, citrine

For when your best friend is moving away 

You two became friends in a foreign city, but now it’s time to go on your way. Yes, there’s Zoom, but nothing beats getting lost together in a new neighborhood, fueled with a thirst for adventure and curiosity. For those who are setting off somewhere else, creating a string of different gemstones is a way to commemorate the different secrets and stories you two have woven together.

For that friend who now has a 100K followers on Instagram 

You get all teary-eyed and excited with only a slight pang of envy when you see her strutting on the international stage. You want to see her flap her wings, yet you also miss those tender days when you can call her at 4AM over an anxious heart. You’re praying you won’t grow apart. Give her this trio of peridot, ruby, and aquamarine; the stones of joy to play back all those good memories. 

marquise peridot, square ruby, triangle aquamarine


For your sister and ultimate best friend

You might think it’s corny: a statement of love for your sister. Because she’s tough, she’s wild, and she’s seen you upside down and falling head over heels over lovers who don't deserve it. And she’s been there through all the years. Give her a string of sapphire, the perfect symbol of love that has stood the test of time. 

For the one who just left a toxic relationship 

Breathing space. A glimmer of hope. A fresh new start. In these moments, when silence and space are golden, guarding her time is probably the best thing you can do as her best friend. This bracelet marks a change of season: from wintery green aquamarine to a luscious vibrant emerald. A perfect bracelet to symbolize the healing power of time. 

pear emerald and round pale aquamarine

 tapered blue diamond, triangle aquamarine, tapered ruby, pear moonstone 

For that friend who won’t miss a 10K marathon 

She made you believe in your body. That’s the power of perspective. Not only has she shown you the resilience of the physical body; she taught you how the body is the extension of the mind, and how to constantly meet your limits in achieving your goals. This string of cool colors brings you the focus and passion to go after what you want. 

For that activist friend who does everything 1000% 

Your friend will benefit from the powers of amethyst and citrine--two gemstones of bold colors to give them a sense of integrity and power. Amethyst stirs up your creative juices, while citrine is a sunshine overload. The pair gives you confidence to show up, act, and put love into action. 

amethyst and citrine

green octagon tourmaline, half moon aquamarine, blue sapphire leaf

For that friend who believes in aliens 

She convinces you of things you never thought of.. You spent midnights going down the rabbit holes of conspiracy theories, entering the slightly off-center point of view, unlearning and relearning history. Together, you’re constantly navigating through and being in awe with the kaleidoscopic nature of truth. Is there a more exciting kind of connection?

Friendships deserve a special kind of attention (and a memento of celebration!). So which gemstones would you choose to reflect your own friendships?