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Have you ever worn a single earring or tried to mismatch a pair? Intentionally I mean - losing your stud after it got stuck in your snuggly wool jumper doesn't count... I've asked a few of my favorite bloggers and stylists how to create an ear game that will make others say "I 'ear you". 

"I love a strong ear game. Creating a daily ear stack, or one for a night out can be easy. The perfect daily look for me would a larger raw gem stud (from Gardens of the Sun, Variance Objects, or your favorite designer) in your lobes, an enamel cuffling (or three) from Marla Aaron, with a faceted gem or diamond stud in your cartilage. In the evening, take out the top and bottom and add a mismatched pair of chandelier earrings from Margery Hirschey or two different single gemmy strand/drop earrings from Irene Neuwirth."

"Experiment with studs of different sizes and shapes to compliment different parts of the ear."

"If you have thread earrings, you can wear just one and leave your other ear bare or go with a tiny sparkling stud. Look for a similar element to keep it sweet and delicate. Want to go big and attract the attention with a bold piece? Go for a statement earring."

"When wearing mismatched earrings, make one long and one short. Then clip your hair up on the side with the short earring for a more dramatic look."

"Create a chic look sporting only one earring although the trick is to go grand. Pick an embellished earring or ear cuff, to be bold and make a statement. I picture rocking this look with street style cred, hair pulled back, biker jacket thrown over your shoulders."

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