Build Your Own Custom Ethical Dream Ring

November 12, 2019

Once upon a time, there lived an exceptional human with a noble heart. They roamed the lands, high and low, to search for the perfect ring. 

Alas, it was not to be. Everything was too big, too small, too fussy, too minimalist. 

They sighed in frustration and lamented their luck. Whispering a wish for a chance to make their own dream ring. Preferably an ethical ring.

A whisper in the wind made them whip their phone out for a visit to And they gasped in delight!

For the Gardens of the Sun team is here to let you know that you can absolutely have that perfect custom dream ring. 

A custom ring, whether it’s a custom engagement ring, or your own personal dream ring, is our favorite kind of story. Filled with personal anecdotes and special little messages that transforms a simple ring into a love letter.

It may seem like a daunting task, but I promise it isn’t. Think of it like a story. To tell it, we need several components. A framework to work off, if you will.

1. Characters

2. The Quest

3. Main Story

4. Unexpected Twist!

5. A Happy Ending

Characters refers to who you’re making this for. That special person. Think of the vibes they give off, think of their overall personality. Write those words down! Nice, kind, quirky, mysterious, mischievous, fun, broody. These adjectives are all pretty useful when you’re designing a ring. If you keep them in mind as you craft your story, the choices become infinitely easier. I trust that you know your person best!

The Quest is the objective of the ring. Is it an engagement ring? A thank-you-for-being-amazing ring? A thank-me-I-am-amazing ring? A thank-you-for-putting-up-with-me,-mum ring? A thank-you-for-bringing-our-babies-into-this-world? This will help you build up what kind of ring you want, a subtle twinkle for an everyday reminder, or a big razzle dazzle that will turn heads. Figuring out the objective of the ring will help you fine tune what you want, and create a strong foundation that we can bounce off as we go on.

The Main Story is where the fun is! You pick out the precious metal and stones and bands and settings and etcetera. Is that a lot of ands? Don’t panic! These are all tiny details you absolutely have a handle on. Go back to step one – think of your main character – and breathe. Really visualize this gorgeous soul. And imagine them with their ring. That way, you won’t panic at the array of choices before you.

The Unexpected Twist may be my favorite part of the story. In a novel, this is usually when something makes you gasp. It’s not part of the main story, and it’s not crucial, but oh it can be a scene stealer! In a ring, the unexpected twist are accompaniments to the main stone. They can be tiny embedded stones, they can be bigger stones that can complement the main one. They can even be an accompanying stackable band that will bring your ring to new heights. Whatever you decide, this is a lovely, stress-free detail that will give the ring that little extra oomph.

Building your own ring isn’t such an overwhelming task once we break it down, right? Now your Happy Ending is just around the corner. You just have to figure out how you want to present this amazing ring. Tada! This last step is just for you to enjoy the ring. Whether you want to take your time unboxing it before you wear it out, or you are slipping it into your pocket for a romantically planned proposal, you did it! You built your own customized dream ring!

Download our Build Your Own Dream Ring Guide above for a more detailed how-to. But remember, at the end of the day building a custom ring, or even a custom engagement ring is about vibes. I trust that you know what kind of general look or feel that you’re going for.

Now this is where the fun happens.

Once you’re confident with your mad designing skills, head straight over to our Build Your Own Page. Don’t be scared, have fun. And if you’re still stumped, give our customer service rock stars a shout and we’ll make sure you have an easy, breezy ride. 

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