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August 09, 2018 4 min read 0 Comments

These 10 reasons will make you rethink the diamond engagement ring

Because why diamonds in the first place? We've mentioned it before , but diamonds as an engagement rock was a mere marketing stunt, care of De Beers and advertising firm N.W. Ayers. Before that, sapphires were the more common 'I Do' stone.

Don't get us wrong, we’re huge fans of diamonds – in fact, our list has diamonds on it – but we're not fans of being told how to propose marriage. Engagement and wedding rings are uber personal. They sit on the finger where the blood runs right to your heart. They’re the ring that Rules Them All, the rock in your love story, a jewel that reflects your deepest love and your relationship.

So if you're looking for something more colorful than your good ol' sparkly white diamond, here they are.

For the girl with that eclectic presence

She gives you that look that sends chills down your spine. And you know a regular white diamond, no matter the size, won’t do it for her. But this vibrant blue conflict-free diamond; this one is a show-stopper. Made to order for you; you can select the diamond of your wildest dreams and your ring will be ready within just 6-8 weeks.

Blue Diamond Slice Ring

For the girl who believes that we're all made of stars

Isn’t she like this deep-blue sapphire, fueled with night sky's wisdom and earthly generosity? If this sounds like her, then choosing this ring is a simple feat, just like knowing in your gut that she is The One for you. No questions asked. With its marquise cuts and silver sterling band, this is the ring for lovers who's fuelled by simple yet hypnotizing beauty.

For the girl whose compassion is as hard as stone

She is the gravity you can’t live without. She pulls you in and within her, you find a tenderness that meets wisdom. This blush pink apatite and morganite ring doesn’t shy away from radiating its true color. It blushes, but who wouldn’t stop looking into her, revealing the layers of colors within? We’re sure she’ll say yes, comes with a Yogo sapphire and 18 karat rose gold band. It’s the perfect ring set to add into that natural radiance of hers.

For the simple girl that wants it real

She may not be fussy about the looks, but she demands real touch, real stories, real flaws. This organic wedding band is wholly handmade with every single mark being hammered by hand (fondly called a wabi sabi finish), creating a one-and-only ring that matches with your own unique love story.

Wabi sabi ring

For the girl who keeps her word

Is she like a secret garden? She’s layer after layer of new discoveries you're so eager to reveal? Someone you can’t get tired of? And this tiny sapphire stone is a secret she can keep forever in her hand. This September birthstone comes with tiny black accent diamonds in an 18-karat yellow gold band.

Mint sapphire ring

For the girl who is the moon in your sky

She’s rock solid beautiful, crested with scars and flaws, but these are the slopes and valleys that give her the gorgeous, enchanting glow. With its natural dark rose cut diamond that tinges with translucent patches, this is a quaint engagement ring that will spark a lot of stories. Fall on one knee with this and you both will be over the moon!

For the girl that dances with you in the kitchen (or anywhere)

This soft opal glows and dances alongside her movement. It doesn’t sparkle and takes the attention away from her, it blends with her. This is the perfect ring for those who delight in subtleties, a ring she’ll grow to love day by day. Build your own ring by choosing the opal that speaks to you most.

For the girl that gazes up into the night sky

This 1.5 ct diamond ring set features angel wings and a hexagon cut diamond that mirrors the mystery of cosmos. With its pale gold band, this unique salt and pepper diamond ring set is ready to captivate anyone looking right into it. It’s a ring that dares you to fly.

For the girl whose poetry feeds your heart

This is the ring for true love that shines bright against all odds. The natural mint green emerald is the color of memories, remedy, and healing; polished to a radiant emerald cut that feeds your heart with hope each time you look into its eye. Surrounded by seven colored diamonds and 18 karat rose gold, this is a gently daring choice for true loves.

For the girl with that otherworldly vibe

On her, this ring gleams extraordinary power, simply adding to her own mystique and beauty. This uncut diamond comes in a spellbinding muddy yellow stone with orange veins, and studded with three tiny black diamonds on the side. It’s perfectly non-traditional; perfectly made for her.


Would you wear a diamond engagement ring? Or are you more into an alternative gemstone engagement ring?