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Styling single earrings

A Beginner’s guide

From mismatching to stacking, here’s how to include earring styling in your arsenal. 

There’s a reason why mismatched earrings are still on everyone’s radar. You’ve probably seen them on red carpets, flashing on the ears of Zoe Kravitz, Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, dangling at different lengths. Or maybe your bestie just recently got a tragus piercing? Did everyone suddenly get multiple piercings?!

Mismatched earrings are a thing right now and let us tell you why. You’ve got two ears, so why repeat the same look twice? Your ears aren’t twins, but sisters. So let’s treat them as such. 

You can style this unique (and slightly weird) part of your body with a ton of love and colors. We have more than 20 single birthstone earrings for you to match and mismatch.  

Tips and tricks

for styling multiple earrings

Pair earrings that share one, two or three similarities from the features below.

  • Shape 

    A simple round stud and a triangle stud on either ear are already perfectly mismatched. You can up the wow level by wearing different colors. 

    -> Garnet Earrings 

    Garnet earrings
  • SIZE

    A plain earring on one ear, a statement piece on the other. Going large on one ear is a quick way to join the trend.

    -> Stardust Turquoise Earrings 


    Go for the same color or gemstone to play it safe. Wear different tones of the same shade for an ombre effect.

    -> Forest Earrings Bundle 


    Wear dangling earrings of different lengths. 

    -> Custom Birthstone Dangling Earrings 

  • Match earrings color to your outfit

  • Accentuate different parts of your ears if you have multiple piercings

  • Start easy and slow - go with what you feel comfortable with

  • What's a single earring? 

    It’s exactly what it says. Instead of a pair of earrings, you can now pick earrings meant to be worn on only one of your ears.

    A single earring can be worn by itself, leaving the other ear bare or balanced with another earring to create a mismatched look. 

    The trend picks up as multiple ear piercings, allowing for a stack, gains popularity. 

    Single earrings can be a simple stud or an ornate gemstone earring.

    Stud earrings can be worn almost anywhere on your ear. From the earlobe, upper earlobe, helix to tragus and anti tragus, whereas larger pieces are usually worn on the earlobe. But even if you only have a single hole in each ear, you can still make the most out of this single earring trend by creating a mismatched earring look. 

    Now look at your earrings collection and ask yourself this: are there any new pairs I can create from my current collection?

    Most likely, you already have something in your jewelry box waiting for a relook. Plus, you now have a reason to keep those earrings of which the other half has gone missing!  

  • Okay, but why should I follow the mismatched earring trend?

    Sometimes wearing two statement earrings is just too much for the occasion. To tone it down? Mismatched earrings. 

    Just like the rings on your left and right hand aren’t the same, your ears can have a mismatched style. But mismatched earrings don’t need to be super obvious. It can be a subtle hint of difference. When they’re pieced together with the entire look in mind, it creates a dynamic and thoughtful touch. 

    And if you think mismatched earrings aren’t everyday fashion, think again. In fact, wear a mismatched set of earrings with a simple tee, jeans and boots, and spot the difference. In short: mismatching is one way to break away from the traditional mold of pairing your earrings. 

  • Can you mismatch earrings?

    Why wouldn’t you? Mismatching doesn’t need to be complicated. Like stacking your rings or layering your necklace, having a sense to mismatch earrings just needs some practice and anyone can do it. 

  • How to buy mismatched earrings

    Do you need to start with a set that’s designed to be mismatched (like our Mismatched Emerald Crystal Earrings, Tiger Garnet Earrings, Opal Earrings)? Actually, you don’t. 

    If you want to build a mismatched earring collection, start with an earring you know you can wear everyday. Your go-to piece. Your comfort zone. Something that’s perhaps close to your skin color or with a natural color palette, like this range below. 

Then add another single stud earring with a similar color and tone, but in a bolder shape. Maybe pairing a round earring and a square one? A heart and a pear earring? A pearl stud in pink and cream? And there you have it: a simple mismatched pair of earrings you can wear everyday.

  • How to pair single earrings

    Mismatching is about experimenting with different earring shapes, wearing two unlikely pieces together to see if they’re a match. Sometimes, the bolder the shapes the easier they are to mismatch, simply because they shake you out of the comfort zone and force you to complete the look. All you need is a simple earring with the same or similar colors. 

    So do you need a bunch of different styles of earrings to start with? A hoop, a huggie, a cuff? Absolutely not! You just need to have a few earrings you absolutely love. Chances are they already have a theme of their own.   

  • How to mismatch earrings

    The best way to pull off the mismatched earring trend is to look at the entire outfit and see if your ears need an accent or a statement. 

    Mismatching is an art of balance. When you’re wearing one earring that dangles far longer than the other, your top look will feel more asymmetrical. Same goes when you’re wearing two completely different stud earrings colors, like a black and a pink. They can divert the attention and throw the entire outfit out of balance. That’s why we suggest considering your whole outfit. 

    If you’re wearing a black and pink stud earrings, are you wearing black shoes? Or a pink handbag? Let your earring color repeat itself elsewhere in your outfit. Like a tower of balancing stones, mismatched earrings are meant to surprise any onlookers, but not raise their eyebrows in a questioning way. Ultimately, mismatching should be done with calculation and care. 

  • How to pull off mismatched earrings

    There’s no other way around it. The only way to pull off mismatched earrings is to wear it with confidence. You might be surprised by how no one will question your fashion choices as if this mismatched look is, well, already the norm. 

Names of

ear piercings

Some people are addicted to ear piercings and we can see why. Ears are one of the most underrated body parts with their unique, almost sculptural curves and shapes. So adorning it we must, as its unique shape already allows for bold statements.

Before we jump in, let’s take a look at different ear parts and what we call that area of the ear that forks out and extends upward, then bends to slightly envelop the rest of the ear (yes).

How to stack

single earrings

Single earrings can be worn on any part of the ear, but from a styling perspective, keep in mind this simple rule: larger pieces go south, smaller pieces go north.

If you wear only studs, wear the largest earring on the bottom of your earlobe, nearest to your face. Large and elaborate shapes can go into your earlobe, while accent pieces crown the top. 

If you wear hoops or dangling earrings, wear the longest one nearest to your face. The shorter your earrings get, the higher up they go.


MULTIPLE earrings

Now time to amp up your ear game. 

  • Start with the longest earrings

If you want your ears to say more, then colorful gemstones it is. Wear with nude make up and you’re ready to tear down the dance floor! 

-> Custom Birthstone Dangling Earrings 

  • Add a climber earring

For a simple stack, choose an earring that curves along your ear lobe. Add it to the upper earlobe with a simpler stud below. 

-> Triple Garnet Earrings

  • Line up stud earrings or tiny hoops

Stack up a row of stud earrings or the tiniest hoop earrings.

  • Add an ear jacket or ear chain

If you love statement earrings, but don’t want too much commitment, adding a small statement piece on your earlobe might be enough flare. Like this blush pearl and spinel earring with a tiny diamond stud on the upper earlobe. Simple, but juicy.

Wear two single stud earrings as a stack, then connect them with an ear chain. Thank us later ;) 

-> Pearl Ear Chains

Great if you only have 15 mins to get ready after work, or if you like to wear studs to the gym and don’t want to invest in both dangling earrings and studs. 

Mismatched earring sets to try

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