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March 20, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

You might not think it, but customer service can be uplifting and inspiring. I often boast that we have the best clients. I get so many lovely emails from you, from thank you's, to personal stories, to updates of how our jewelry brings comfort or hope into your lives.

One such email came recently which made me stop in my tracks. One of our clients works at a hospital in Boston, and with the Covid-19 global pandemic right now, I felt my heart clench with a flicker of worry, but also overflowing with gratitude.

It’s easy to slip into your own bubble of anxiety whenever we see updates on the news. In our office, there seems to be a tense net over our normally chill and relaxed atmosphere. The lighthearted banter and laughter that's usually so abundant is absent. 

We’re all holed up in our own homes, offices have just one person in it, keeping safe, and trying to keep others safe. There’s no congregating over our heavy teak dining table, comparing menus and giggling over day-to-day silliness. Lunch feels a little lonely.

But I guess it’s nothing compared to the warriors currently on the front lines. All the hardworking people getting on with their day, armoring up with overalls and other safety measures. Retail workers stocking up our shelves, medical staff who spend their days in wards, janitors and people who keep the hygiene of our cities at a safe level, researchers toiling in their labs. The countless people who are keeping us alive.

Today I wanted to step out of my own bubble of worry, and slip into a more positive mindset. One of gratitude.

For everyone who is going about their day, doing work that we all rely on in this tough time. I sincerely hope that our small token of appreciation will remind you that you are loved, you are appreciated, and we salute you.

Thank you. 


- Meri