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Hexagon Lapis Lazuli and Peridot Ring Set

She speaks in poetry and dreams of stars. She dances with the moon and befriends the wind. A vibrant ring set featuring lapis lazuli and five round peridots.


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Hexagon Lapis Lazuli and Peridot Ring Set

For the seekers of truth and the souls that are brave. A hexagon lapis lazuli to remind you of the endless galaxies, and round peridot to represent the stardust. This is the ring set for those with a heart of fire.

The deep indigo blue of the lapis lazuli has light green specks, like paint splatters on a midnight canvas. Atop it are five green peridot from Pakistan, fitting as a crown. Together, these gemstones promote authenticity and warmth.

You'll receive a lapis lazuli and peridot ring set similar to the photos. 

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, the starry sky that is shrunken down into a precious gem. Back in the ancient Egyptian days, artists used to grind it down for its pigment. It is also believed that lapis lazuli was used to adorn the ancient Egyptian royals as an eyeshadow.

Lapis Lazuli is all about your self-expression, it shines a light on your inner purpose and guides you to find your truest voice. Embrace your true colors, the way lapis lazuli does.


Peridot is an August birthstone. The epitome of the warm August summer, peridot is a remarkable gemstone with remarkable roots. Its basic form, the olivine, originates from meteorites and comets formed billions of years ago.

With the sun as its energy source, its luscious green color is scintillating and brimming with life. This gemstone has been said to drive away dark forces. Use the peridot as a talisman, protection for you and your loved ones against the Evil Eye.

Explore our collection of peridot jewelry and discover the allure of this energizing gemstone.

Recycled sterling silver

We use recycled silver from Umicore. This company is listed as a Conflict Free Smelter by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMA), Chain-of-Custody certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and complies with the LBMA Responsible Ag Guidance. We opt for recycled silver as an interim solution while we look into setting up a traceable supply chain for artisanal, pollution free silver.

Style Tips

Up your ring stacking game and turn any moment into a hand party with this Hexagon Lapis Lazuli and Peridot Ring Set. Wear with any colorful outfit or monochromatic fit, depending on your mood!

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Devin W. (New Jersey, United States)

This is the most beautiful jewelry I've ever owned. I so pleased with this piece. Thank you!

Pj M. (Ohio, United States)

The personal touch with this company is wonderful! They did everything to make sure that my custom piece was just what I wanted. & planting 5 trees with every order--that is a beautiful thing. Special thanks to Yoshefine for making my experience a great one. I will definitely be making many more purchases

One more treasure 😍

I fell in love with two rings a few months ago. One of them came from a "secret designs VIP sale". I went on the Website but it was already sold out 😭
I was looking for jewelry as close as possible to the rings as they appeared on the pictures and I asked Maharani if the Gardens of the Sun wonderful team could create them. Maharani double-checked with the team if they still had the stones, and their jewelry designer started working. I received the mockups, I made a choice and ... ta daaaa ! 😃
Then, I got a mail with a link : several pictures of my first ring were waiting for me 😍 It's something I do appreciate ! As everything was OK, my order was shipped ... and I got it quickly.
The ring is super cute, and I went back to school wearing it 💍 So happy ! I am absolutely delighted, and I will sure be back soon in the Gardens of the Sun 😉

Joana B. (Catalonia, Spain)
5 stars for everything!

Perfectly crafted, wrapped and shipped. As always, GOTS staff has been great! Especial thanks to Maharani, whose guidance, help and patience have made this experience so nice and successful. Both, custom birthstone ring and bracelet are gorgeous!!! THANK YOU!