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Garnet Earrings

Roses are red, violets are blue, she's always loved the way your heart is always true. Words are words, but in your hands they turn into solid rocks that she relies on, and water that soothes the pain of past disappointments away.  


  • Sterling silver
  • Garnet from Mozambique
  • Sold as a single earring or as a set of 5 single garnet earrings to mix and match
  • Comes with sterling silver ear nuts
  • Ready stock

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Sometimes you just have to listen to the stubborn opinions of very opinionated stones. Quirky and adventurous little so and so's, these earrings know how to be firm with their voices. Have a listen to their melodic voices as they latch on to your awaiting ears.

You'll receive either a single earring or the total line-up of five single garnet earrings.

Your earrings will be similar to the photos. 

Sweep your hair back to show off these lush berry colored silver earrings. Wear them mismatched as singles, or create a fun and colorful ear party if you have multiple ear piercings. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Inês B. (Porto, Portugal)

Exactly as pictured! Never had earrings this perfect 👌 🥰

em (Massachusetts, United States)

necklace is gorgeous - the moonstones have such a beautiful glimmer! Shipping was 11 days due to covid which was as expected. Packaging was so beautiful (and recyclable) too!

Absolute mood lifters

I got a pair of mismatched ear rings and they are absolute mood lifters. Small but fiery and sparkly. It’s a joy to wear them everyday. The packaging was beautiful as always and the shipping was super quick. I was very happy to receive these in a very short time.

Olesya (British Columbia, Canada)
Look at them glow!

These dainty babies pack a punch! I love the pale shimmer of the tanzanite, and the tiny flash of the moonstone. I got these as a set with other items, and I couldn’t be happier. The packaging was so lovely, as always. Delivery was only a few days. Thank you!