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For the lover of all things classic and heartfelt:

The dreamer

Hi there, dreamer!

So, you dream big, love without limits, and move through life with a joyous, untamed heart? You find meaning in the smallest of things and are always seeking deeper understanding and connection. You’re introspective, empathetic, and wonderfully complex. You see the world not just as it is but as it could be.

What matters to you

You seek depth and connection in everything, including your jewelry. You want your jewelry to mean something more. You value authenticity and love pieces that tell a positive story.

Your style

  • Graceful, sophisticated, yet deeply heartfelt.

  • You cherish traditions, embrace the beauty of simplicity, and hold on to pieces that have an everlasting charm. You have a few favorites already, but your heart beats for more.

  • You see jewelry as an evolving expression of your journey, your values, and your boundless imagination.

  • You find joy in the details – a subtle engraving, an asymmetrical gem or the shimmer of a moonstone at a certain angle.

  • You love jewelry that never goes out of style – the ones you can wear year after year.

Dreamy picks for you

This collection is for the dreamer in you. I’ve selected pieces that mirror your sophisticated palate – these pieces are whimsical, enchanting, and designed for someone who embraces life’s dance with open arms and a twinkle in their eye. Feast your eyes on these selections!