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Gardens of the Sun

Custom Oregon Sunstone Ring in Gold

She cracked her bones open and sunlight shone through. She let you nestle into the folds of her skin, smelling her hair, tasting her marrow. She feeds you, wholly and never ending. 


  • 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold
  • Our signature ethical gold: mercury-free and mined by indigenous women who are paid more than the international gold price
  • Oregon sunstone of your choice
  • Ethically sourced from Oregon, USA
  • Made to order in 8 to 10 weeks
  • Design your own ring


Giftwrapped in banana fiber paper boxes, shipped worldwide. Fast, carbon neutral and plastic free.


We believe that a good start results in goodness, all the way through. And we start with the materials.

Love it

Love your new jewelry or send it back - hassle free. Conditions apply to custom jewelry.


For every piece of jewelry you buy from us, we plant 5 trees. Over 30,000 trees and counting. It's complimen-tree!

Let us build your ethical dream ring.

Lovers of precision cut and unusual, geometric cut gemstones are going to love the choices here! 

Now the design...

Select your fave sunstone from our gemstone vault, to build your custom dream ring.

This dream is yours to design. Over to you now. 

Sunstone settings:

  • Classic bezel setting with gold all the way around the stone. Looks nice on more shallow stones up to 3.5 mm deep. 
  • Open bezel setting, which goes around the girdle (edges) of the sunstone, but exposes the culet (the bottom) of the stone. Looks nice on deeper stones over 3-3.5 mm deep. 
  • Prongs
    • Wire basket prongs; The prongs rise up from the base of the ring, with a thin wire around halfway at the pavillion (underside) of the stone for extra support.
    • Basket prongs; The prongs rise up from a base or 'basket' into which the gemstone or diamond is set. This offers more security, but can look bulkier than prongs only, especially when the stone has a higher profile.

Number of prongs:

  • 4 prongs compass, positioned North, East, South and West
  • 4 prongs in the corners
  • 5 prongs (recommended only for stones over 5 mm)
  • 6 prongs (recommended only for stones over 5 mm)

Our white gold is rhodium plated, and the rhodium plating tends to wear off over time. It wears off faster around the areas that get most wear, in this case, the prongs. So white gold prongs need more care and maintenance than a white gold bezel, or than yellow or rose gold prongs.

If you choose an irregular shaped sunstone, we can send you sketches to see some prong placement options, and you can request to position the stone horizontal or vertical.

For stones over 3.5 mm deep, we recommend an open bezel setting rather than a regular bezel setting. This will avoid the bezel setting looking too "chunky" considering the stone has a high profile.

Band shape

  • Half round band, also called D shaped. This shank is flat on the inside and rounded on the outside, for a comfortable fit. Around 1.8 mm wide. 
  • Round band. This shank tends to spin more and is not recommend if your knuckles are wider than the part of your finger where the ring sits. Around 1.3 mm wide. 

Additional small stones in the band

  • Plain band, no additional diamonds
  • Small sparkling white Canadian diamonds (G-H color, SI clarity) - you choose how many
  • Small salt and pepper diamonds (you choose how many)

Additional stones on the side with bezel or 3-prong setting

  • Salt and pepper diamonds around 2.5 mm
  • Purplish blue Yogo sapphires from Montana, around 2 mm
  • Soft peachy pink spinels in high quality pentagon cut. With their unusual cuts this makes for a unique three stone ring!

The price will be automatically adjusted depending on the stones and design you choose. 

Engraving is on us!

We offer complimentary hand engraving up to 24 characters on the inside of your gold sunstone ring to personalize it even more. This is only possible for half round bands, as the round bands are too dainty, and can be selected in the dropdown menu.

Our signature ethical gold

We use 18 karat eco-gold, which is mined and processed with traditional, mercury-free low-impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay. Our white gold is rhodium plated.

We're making this for you, from scratch

Your custom Oregon sunstone ring will bemade to order with the sunstone of your choice inaround 8 to 10 weeks. You'll receive a photo before we ship it out. The price is for one finished ring in 18 karat eco gold. 

Since your ring will be made especially for you, we don’t accept returns on custom orders. 

Need some more help?

Want some guidance on the design, or a mock-up before taking the plunge? Our customer happiness team is pretty awesome! Email them or use the chat box. 


  • SUN-01 - 1.56 ct, measures 8.89 x 9.41 x 4.31 mm, this sun kissed peach sunstone is a gorgeous emerald cut that takes in light, and reflects joy. Mined in Oregon, USA. Precision cut by Jeff Davies and Son.
  • SUN-02 - 0.43 ct, measures 6.06 x 4.08 x 2.75 mm, a combined emerald and princess cut sunstone that twinkles mischievously. Bright and clear, like a babbling brook. Mined in Oregon, USA. Precision cut by Jeff Davies and Son.
  • SUN-03 - 0.68 ct, measures 6.00 x 3.80, faded sepia tones sweep through this brilliant cut round sunstone, bring out its pinker tones with a rose gold band. Mined in Oregon, USA. Precision cut by Jeff Davies and Son.
  • SUN-04 - 0.32 ct, measure 5.71 x 3.97 x 2.61 mm, the happy blush of a baby mid-giggle decorates this pear cut sunstone, for that perfect ring that commemorates joy and youth. Mined in Oregon, USA. Precision cut by Jeff Davies and Son.
  • SUN-05 - 2.21 ct, measures 7.94 x 7.84 x 5.83 mm, an intricate cushion cut brings out a breathtakingly lush moss green in this sunstone. A lavish yet subtle stone that will demurely draw attention when paired with a white gold band. Fabulous size that's not going to go unnoticed. Mined in Oregon, USA. Precision cut by Jeff Davies and Son.
  • SUN17 - 0.88 ct gold Oregon sunstone from the Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. A pale pastel golden color without Schiller that would come out well in yellow gold. Precision cut into a radiant fan shape in Europe by Ravenstein Gem Co. Measures 7.8 x 7.4 x 4.3 mm. 
  • SUN18 - 1.07 ct kite shaped sunstone. This is a custom design by Ravenstein Gem Co. A pale gold base with shiny copper Schiller and fun facets running all over the top of the gemstone. From Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. Measures 9.1 x 6 x 4.7 mm.  
  • SUN19 - 1.28 ct sunstone from the Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. Faceted by Ravenstein Gem Co. Gold pink base with perfect copper Schiller. Flawless. Measures 9.3 x 5.5 x 4.3 mm. 
  • SUN20 - 2.08 ct half moon sunstone. A pastel yellow with soft gold and perfect copper Schiller, this half moon cut gemstone looks like a rising sun. Mined at the Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. Faceted by Ravenstein Gem Co. Measures 9.2 x 7.8 x 5.6 mm. 
  • SUN21 - 2.14 ct sunstone from the Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. Faceted by Ravenstein Gem Co. Pale gold base with light copper Schiller glow. Cut in a radiant octagon. Could see this set in yellow gold double prongs. Flawless, measures 9.1 x 7.1 x 5 mm. 
  • SUN22 - 1.25 ct pear cut sunstone from the Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. Faceted by Ravenstein Gem Co. A warm rose pink-peach color with a touch of copper Schiller, mostly in the belly of this custom cut pear. Flawless, measures 11 x 5.7 x 4.4 mm. 
  • SUN23 - 2.83 ct custom cushion cut sunstone from the Pana Mine, Little Eagle Butte, Southern Oregon, USA. Precision cut by Ravenstein Gem Co. It has a pastel gold body with some copper Schiller. Measures 11.3 x 7.9 x 5.8 mm. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Devin W. (Oaklyn, US)

This necklace was a must have to for me. It’s my husband/love of my life/best friend birthstone. And my lucky stone! I’m a very indecisive person when I log on to this site. But while browsing, I saw this necklace and fell in love. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the clever way the chain is designed on the pendant. And the citrine is just lovely.
I’m so happy with my purchase and with this company. If I could give 20 stars I would.


The shipping was speedy, the packaging was super cute, and I absolutely love the pieces I received!

Nicole S. (Gloucester, US)

I have a few pieces from GotS and every single one is my favorite. However, thiq ring might be my most favorite. It was a custom order, the customer service team was awesome with communication and helping me get the ring exactly as I wanted it. The ring was completed a couple weeks ahead of what I was expecting, and shipping took half the time originally quoted. Overall I am overjoyed with GotS and my jewelry.

Erwin H. (Jakarta, ID)

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