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Portrait Cut Pink Sapphire Ring in Ethical Gold

Unveil elegance with a 0.49 ct pink sapphire from Indonesia, portrait cut, set delicately in a bezel setting. Your ethical engagement ring, sorted.


  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Our signature ethical gold: mercury free and mined by indigenous women who are paid more than the international gold price
  • 0.49 ct portrait cut sapphire from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • September birthstone

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Potrait Cut Pink Sapphire Ring in Ethical Gold

This one of a kind sapphire ring features a 0.49 ct pink sapphire from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. It was mined by artisanal miners who received fair pay, and cut in Vermont by Scott Maier. Not heated or any other treatments whatsoever, with a fully traceable supply chain - down to the very family who mined this sapphire!

The sapphire has an octagon shaped portrait cut, has a nice clarity with some visible silk and measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.2 mm. It is unheated and untreated, and has a beautifully deep and intense pink color. Set in our signature 18 karat yellow gold.

You’ll receive the exact pink sapphire  ring from the photos. This one of a kind ring is ready to ship, which means once you place your order it can be on your doorstep a week from now.


Sapphire is the September birthstone. This mesmerizing gemstone symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and faith. She was once believed to protect your loved ones from harm.

At first glance, sapphire gleams with power and strength, but her true colors shine within kindness and hope – that’s the stone’s real secret sauce. Sapphire lets us get real because she offers great wisdom of intuitive truth, insight, and healing. A symbol of friendship and peace, and a shield from negative energy.

Explore our collection of sapphire jewelryand discover the allure of this captivating gemstone.

Our signature ethical gold

We use 18 karat ethical gold, which is mined and processed with traditional, mercury free, low impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay. 

Style Tips

This pink sapphire ring would make a beautiful sapphire engagement ring for those looking for something unique, colorful and ticking all the boxes in terms of ethics. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Monet (Michigan, United States)
Who doesn’t love presents?

The only thing better than shopping the One Of A Kind sale is opening the free surprise ring with purchase! Both delicate and bold, it’s a genuine treasure. This is why I keep coming back and back and back.

Beautiful ring!

The ring was even more special in person and the package was beautifully put together, and it was so special to open! I especially loved the little cards telling me about the gemstones, I love stuff like that :)

Nathalie D.B. (Brussels Capital, Belgium)
Always the best service

My lovely ring arrived with a an extra gift, a beautiful little necklace! I absolutely love both of the items, thank you! Also, when I ordered I made a mistake with my order and customer service was very quick to help me. 10 out of 10 as usual!

Ben B. (California, United States)

My husband bought me a beautiful sapphire & topaz necklace for my birthday in September. He gave it to me early & I love it! Even though sapphire is my birthstone I don’t always love it. This is a unique & lovely blue. I really appreciate the extra jump rings so I can have options for how long it is. Also glad the chain is thicker than previous necklaces from GOTS