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She’s royalty, surrounded by lore and legend, but she hides it in her smile. You know it’s there, though. 

It’s a knowing smile, grounding and still. Wise and focused. Because she knows.

 She knows her powers, she knows her purpose. She reminds you of yours. 

She’s an old soul, and she’s been there before. 

How can we not talk about sapphires without talking about Lady Di? Her now-legendary royal blue sapphire was a witness to her deviance - the first out of many. The 12 carat oval sapphire was handpicked by the princess herself. And with that, Lady Di’s sapphire shook the kingdom. 

Here’s why. The sapphire was a ready-stock piece. Like, anyone can buy it as long as they have $60,000. She wore a choker with a sapphire centerpiece as she tore down the dance floor with John Travolta, showing up in a jaw-dropping revenge dress. If there’s anyone who understands the healing power of a sapphire, it’s Lady Diana. Sapphire was her confidant. 


the Latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and Sanskrit sanipryam, meaning ‘blue stone’. See, the sapphire knows its shit because it’s been around

It’s true that the original love rock is as powerful when we’re at our highest or at our lowest. It gives us buoyancy through challenging times. It keeps our heads high for hopes and our feet on the ground as we meddle in uncertainties and handle difficult truths. Sapphire is a powerful stone to gather strength. A piece to believe in yourself. A piece to truly show up.  

Use sapphire to get you out of a rut and become a maverick of your own kind. Yet, don’t get carried away by its enigmatic power. Sapphire belongs to the highest of the high. But as powerful as it is, use it with care. With this comes a reminder: you already have everything in you to overcome challenges and move forward.

Birthstone for: September

Sapphire zodiac sign:Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Sapphire chakra:

  • The fifth chakra - the Throat or Vishudda chakra.

    The center for everything communication. A well-balanced throat chakra enables you to listen intuitively to the body and mind, so you can release the tension with a clear communication and conscience.

  • The sixth chakra - the Third Eye or the Ajna chakra.

    The center of perception and command, the third eye helps us understand our passion and gain clear inner vision. It keeps us from feeling overwhelmed and getting lost in our own thoughts.

How sapphire fits into your life:

Mark your 5th anniversary. Your king or queen. The person who introduced you to the Indigo Girls – if that person is us, this is a sign, get yourself a sapphire piece, stat.

Silver aquamarine rings


  • Wisdom

  • Royalty 

  • Loyalty

  • Faith

  • Fortune

  • Truth

  • Fullness of self

  • Focus
  • Generosity
  • Positivity
  • Beauty


  • Life, with a capital L

  • Times of change

  • Going on the 5-2 Diet, the I Quit Sugar diet, the No Complaining diet or whatever other self-disciplinary action you’ve taken upon yourself

  • Asking for a raise

  • Asking for marriage

  • Asking for the truth

  • Getting to know the real you and learning how to be your own best friend and lover

Aquamarine origins

Our sapphire are responsibly sourced from: Indonesia (Kalimantan), USA (Montana) , Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and Thailand

Tough Love level: 9 Mohs scale of hardness.

Just a tad below diamond, sapphire is almost as strong as its toughest contender. Great gemstone for everyday wear and can be set in prongs. Used for alternative engagement rings if a diamond isn't your thing. 

Common treatments: Heat treatments are common to enhance and bring out more desirable colors. Avoid beryllium treated, titanium diffused and lead glass filled sapphires


  • Black sapphire grounds you with earthly wisdom. It’s a stone to understand our deepest remorse and anxiety, and help us to frame them with a more positive light. 

  • White sapphirestrengthens the spirit with its crystal clear intention and 20/20 vision. It helps you avoid mindless distractions so that you can focus on achieving your goal.

  • Orange sapphireenlivens the heart with an endless flow of creative juice. It strengthens your creative muscle as well as your spiritual one, and helps you to create a true-to-self piece of art.  

  • Yellow sapphireis a playful stone to bring lightness to anything you do. It’s a stone for feeling enough--and to create abundance from what you already have.

  • Violet sapphire connects you to your spiritual self. So anytime you feel spiritually jaded, use violet sapphire to awaken your kundalini energy to gather lightness and peace.

  • Pink sapphireis a stone of youth and vitality. It helps you to find joy in mundane activities and keeps you from feeling bored and dull. 

  • Green sapphireis a stone for compassion and fertility. It also helps you to attract abundance and growth.

  • Blue sapphireis the sapphire of the highest order. It’s the ultimate stone of loyalty, royalty, and wisdom.



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