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Hexagon Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring Set in Ethical Gold

She's joy, when you need a lift. She's change, when you need a shift. She grows with you, her atoms dance with yours. She's breath when you need to live.


  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Our signature ethical gold: mercury-free and mined by indigenous women who are paid more than the international gold price
  • 0.43 ct rose cut hexagon diamond
  • Two triangle cut white diamonds from Botswana
  • Five yellow sapphires from Sri Lanka, heated
  • Set of two rings
  • Ready to ship

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Hexagon Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring Set

The Sun Ray ring features a rose cut hexagon diamond in icy white. This diamond measures 4.6 x 4 x 2.5 mm and has been set with six prongs. It's flanked by two bezel set white triangle diamonds from Botswana on each side.

The second ring is a V shaped nesting band. It features 5 yellow sapphires pave set in the band.


The most notorious, famously famous of all the crystals – the diamond is the April birthstone and a hell of a fighter. It’s a crazy powerful stone that enhances inner vision. Diamonds make happiness a million times better. A gem to bring forth the art of “more”. Whatever you feel inside, diamond amplifies it tenfold.

The diamonds used in this jewelry have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. These diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. Our supplier guarantees that they are conflict free and traded in accordance with the Kimberley Process.


Sapphire is the September birthstone. This mesmerizing gemstone symbolizes wisdom, loyalty and faith. She was once believed to protect your loved ones from harm.

At first glance, sapphire gleams with power and strength, but her true colors shine within kindness and hope – that’s the stone’s real secret sauce. Sapphire lets us get real because she offers great wisdom of intuitive truth, insight and healing. A symbol of friendship and peace, and a shield for negative energy.

Our signature ethical gold

We use 18 karat ethical gold, which is mined and processed with traditional, mercury free, low impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay.

Style tips

Would love to see this diamond and sapphire ring set worn as a bridal ring set. Stack the hexagon diamond engagement ring on top of the yellow sapphire wedding band. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sara (Hesse, Germany)
Different engagement ring

I must confess I was a bit doubtful at the beginning, all the pieces I was seeing at this place were extremely beautiful, but the fact that I couldn't see the stones ”face to face” an that it was made so far away from my home (Barcelona) was retaining me. But finally I decided to try it and asked for Gardens of the Sun help, since I couldn’t decide between some gems so they took some personalized pictures for me. And it was like this during the whole process.
I had the opportunity of customizing the piece and feeling a part of the process. The results are absolutely beautiful I’m super happy and I’ll totally bug again a piece of Gardens of the Sun ethical jewellery!

Alyssa C.
Absolutely fantastic service and beautiful work

I customized a ring for my mother for christmas and was so glad i got to select every little detail. My mom recently recieved it and was ecstatic with the results. The fact i recieved photos before it shipped was wonderful. It was gorgeous and exactly how i pictured. Thank you so much for this experience. Its rare to find such personal gifts now a days. Highly reccomend.