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Tanzanite and Moonstone Earrings

She sparkles like tinsel and reminds you of the holidays. She does something to your senses… smelling like cinnamon and nutmeg, and tasting like sweet pie. She makes you feel warm inside, like eggnog and mulled wine, but that bittersweet aftertaste, that’s the real reason you love her. Because after the smile, there’s a quiver in her lip that makes all the difference.


  • Sterling silver
  • Baguette cut tanzanite from Tanzania - December birthstone
  • Rainbow moonstone - June birthstone
  • Comes with sterling silver ear nut(s)

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Tanzanite and Moonstone Earrings

While others are mixing chocolate and vanilla, O's and X's, you’ll be mixing up your ear game. These single earrings will easily get you started - so many ways to play it and every combination look good. No pairs are required, symmetry is optional, colors may contrast… For the rule breakers out there -  there are no rules.  

This tanzanite and moonstone earring is sold as a single earring. 


Tanzanite is a December birthstone. Tanzanite’s deep indigo is a flowing dance between violet’s intuition and the trustworthiness of blue. This December birthstone radiates the goodness of emotions – compassion, empathy, and softness. 

Tanzanite glows from the heart. It lives in the heart and gets its energy from the heart. It’s a good-hearted stone that’ll help balance out your tough (self) love. From head to heart to hand, tanzanite’s the one.


Moonstone is a birthstone for June. It’s a stone for intuition, insight, and feminine energies. Moonstone stands for new beginnings and natural cycles. It’s said to help build confidence and express yourself.

Moonstone opens the heart to love – the acceptance of love, the comfort of being nurtured. Goodness knows we all need some of that in our life. As it cracks open the sternum to let the heart burst through, it helps self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-love…notice a pattern here?

Style Tips

Sweep your hair back to show your line-up of stacked post earrings. Pair with more single earrings. My favorites to pair are other earrings with aquamarine, tanzanite earrings, or moonstone earrings

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Anya M. (Washington, United States)
So in love

I can’t believe these beautiful earrings shipped from Bali to Seattle in less than a week! The packaging was beautiful and well thought out. My earrings came with an info card about garnets, and they look so beautiful.

Inês B. (Porto, Portugal)

Exactly as pictured! Never had earrings this perfect 👌 🥰

em (Massachusetts, United States)

necklace is gorgeous - the moonstones have such a beautiful glimmer! Shipping was 11 days due to covid which was as expected. Packaging was so beautiful (and recyclable) too!

Absolute mood lifters

I got a pair of mismatched ear rings and they are absolute mood lifters. Small but fiery and sparkly. It’s a joy to wear them everyday. The packaging was beautiful as always and the shipping was super quick. I was very happy to receive these in a very short time.