10 Unique Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

February 25, 2018

Valentine’s Day can be the. Worst. Day. Ever. Grand gestures and romance, awkward dinners in a restaurant packed with couples. Big expectations, big disappointments. Agh!

Wait wait, hold it right there! Poor ol' St. Valentine – his fame totally got ahead of him and now everyone's on the hype train. But let's be still and distill for a minute, don't forget what the day of love is actually all about – LOVE! Connection, intimacy, conversation, laughter. All the feels.

So if you want to do a bit more than Netflix and chill, but don't want to be waiting at the bar for a table that you already booked two months ago while holding wilting roses and getting sweaty AF in your V-Day get-up, here are some ideas...

  1.     Wake up unusually early. Leave home before sunrise and find an already bustling area. Maybe a flower market or a fish market, they're usually already up and at 'em before dawn and being amongst the buzz can give you a different kind of positive energy that lasts throughout the day. Or if the city is still asleep, hold hands and wander the streets. The city is yours!

  2.     Conversely, you may alsostay up really late. We've found that weird and wonderful things tend to happen in the wee hours after midnight. Magical things. Precious things. Snuggle under the blanketwhile watching and listening to Iris Apfel’s razor-sharp wit and beauty wisdom inher documentary,read to each other from the pages of timeless classics such asCarl Sagan’s timeless love-letter to the Universe, or savor on some delicious conversations, which brings us to the next idea...

  3.     If you crave for something a bit more daring, trythis:36 questions that can make anyone fall in love. In 2015, The New York Times posted a story on two strangers who did this experiment and got married six months later. These 36 questions get incredibly personal, uncomfortably personal, refreshingly personal, wonderfully personal. So see how you go. Trust and be vulnerable. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  4.     There’s nothing more romantic than spending an entire day in a pool. Whether you’re choosing a quiet pool with lush garden view or a party-pool with a full-bar ready to serve pretty-looking cocktails, you’re in for too-much-fun!Wear something that’ll make you feel good inside out like thissustainable Summersalt swimwear and pair it with ourRose Cut Sapphire necklace. Feel the sun, sweat some, and soak in the love.

  5.     Book a hotel room or B&B, even in the same city. The different atmosphere will entice a different kind of romantic mood. And for those who are feeling adventurous, this is one way to spice things up while still feeling cozy underneath the sheets. Take it further by having it as a surprise for your loved one!
  1.     Visit IKEA.Yes, you read that right. Yes, we understand that IKEA is the ultimate relationship test – I mean, if you two can survive a trip to IKEA, you'll basically survive anything and be together 4lyf, right? Well, on this special day, take that challenge. Get to IKEA right when it opens so you're both in a clear headspace, do some shopping for the home, and really go to town. Who knows? You might end up spending the day reminiscing about the journey of your relationship! Looking at couches can do that.

  2.     Massage! Most massages go unplanned. They are small encouragements to your loved one for those late meetings and midnight works. And though that is sweet, but let’s be honest – a nice whole-hour massage doesn’t hurt either! Do a little bit of research on how to do proper massage (your partner will appreciate this), then picka sweet fragrance you both will love!
  1.     Go on a day trip. Leave home before the day is warm and hit off the road for nearby city. Prepare some snacks for the trip, but leave detailed to-do list plan at home. Resist checking constantly on Google Maps or online recommendations for your lunch, unless they are urgent. Look around, embrace the feeling of becoming strangers, and enjoy the moments of spontaneity. Getting lost together can be so much fun.
  1.     Work on a project. If you’re crafty or a creative and love a dash of planning ahead, then working on a project together will be a great way to know each other better and more intimately. Are you a photographer and he’s a writer? Do a small themed zine together. Are you both great cooks? Do a small competition and document the moments.Love nature?Go RV-ing. There's so much fun to be had.

  2.  Make beer. Among the many odd things we can purchase on Amazon, one of them is a beer-making kit. There are so many options from different brands you can browse through depending on the budget. Bottoms up!

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