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April 24, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

The human spirit is strong and stubborn. Nothing inspires me more than hearing stories of our clients all over the world refusing to back down from crafting their forever-mores with their one true love. That feeling of life not only moving on, but prospering. Oh, that makes my heart so happy. It got the romantic in me to think about all the ways I would propose, and the ways a proposal would nudge me in the right direction to say yes! 


Boredom can hit hard for active extroverts always itching to move. Setting up a fun treasure hunt is a way to tick as many boxes as possible for a really cool proposal.

Imagine all the shenanigans you can get up to! Notes hidden between plates to lead you to the next clues? Why not! Or a dance challenge they have to do? Why not make it a singing and dancing challenge! You can plan for laughter or plan for sentiment. Get them to hunt the outfit you wore on your first date, and leave a clue in the pocket. Or ask them their favorite thing about your relationship in exchange for the next clue.

A gobsmackingly adorable proposal, and one that can lead to an amazing story that you can recount with a fondness for years.


A romantic dinner proposal at a restaurant might be what all the romcoms recommend, but there’s something deliciously domestic about cooking together. A little slice of modern-day romance. Passing pans and ingredients, bumping hips as you navigate the kitchen, licking a finger to taste the spices, and savoring a glass of wine as you wait for the sauce to simmer.

This might help you calm down as well! Thinking of ways to propose can be nerve-wracking. Any activity that can distract you from your own nerves and overthinking will be helpful, and if at the end of it you have a delicious meal served up – well, that’s a bonus. Just remember not to burn anything!

Here’s my one tip: complicated isn’t always the way to go! The meal isn’t the focus here, it’s merely the distraction, or perhaps setting the mood, before The Question.

sliding down memory lane

I love the intimacy of unpacking your best memories, going through all your milestones together. Seeing, feeling yourself fall in love again for the first time. What can be more romantic than getting personal with your own memories?

This can take shape in a number of ways – a cleared space for dancing, and a playlist of your songs throughout the years. A slide show of your most significant moments and a little snippet of how your partner made you fall head over heels. A marathon of movies that you watched during your early days of dating. A collage of those tickets and paper trails you’ve kept saved in that precious box.

A journey down memory lane might be the perfect start to your happily ever after.

A Casual Question

Some people get freaked out over grand gestures, and that’s okay! This means you just have to learn how to balance being a cool cat, and still having that slice of sentiment that makes that proposal moment special. Personally, I think food is a great distraction. And what’s better than a delicious breakfast and a chill proposal to start the day?

Picture this. Something a little fancier than your normal tea and toast. Fresh pressed O.J. ready for them to sip and savor, plates laid out neatly, pancakes ready to be served. Whatever the breakfast fare you choose, give it a little bit of pizzazz. Some music playing in the background, a song from your first date maybe, or the one that always makes you smile at each other. And sliding a little box of love, all casual across the table.

With this self-quarantine, breakfast will be the perfect time for you to sneakily set up something.

Proposals are a great way to kickstart the next chapter in your story, but at the end of the day, every couple will have their own way of getting engaged. 

I promise you there’s no right or wrong way!

But one thing’s for sure – I love hearing your love stories.