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This summer I've been swamped with custom orders. Photos of the custom jewelry I make don't normally make it to the website, so I wanted to share a few recent creations with you. 

This is a pair of purple iolite rings I made for a mother and daughter. It marks a special family occasion and the strength of these women. Iolite is also known as water sapphire. Iolite gemstones help you see through the mist and haze, and see things more clear. It is a stone for inner strength and confidence. Wearing it you may feel more curious, less dependent on others and more responsible. Iolite is also thought to bring harmony in relationships, and help those struggling with addictions. 

And then... there's this one. An engagement ring made for a beautiful Indonesian lady named Tami. This three-stone sapphire ring is made of solid 18 karat rose gold with three heated blue sapphires. Once we settled on the shade of blue she wanted, she had a few to choose from. 

The band is super dainty and the sapphires have been set with a low profile for comfortable everyday wear. When she first saw her ring, 

Tami told me: 

"I can't not love it. I can't find any words to describe how beautiful the ring is. I adore your work."

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