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You must have heard about the income gap. How women only receive 71 cents for every dollar a man makes. And how this gap is even wider when you look at women of color.

Knowing it’s there is one thing, but how do we close it?

How do we close the income gap?

Earlier this year I had a chat with Merel van der Wouden from Blackbird Negotiations. Merel is a negotiation coach for women. She teaches women the strategies to get better salaries and fees when they’re negotiating.

Salary negotiations can be tricky. And sensitive if you see your salary as what your time is worth. Merel helps women look at that number more objectively. See the bigger picture. Consider that the salary you receive isn’t a loss for the company. But that your work actually generates value for the company. And then Merel helps women like you get what you deserve.

You get what you negotiate.

We talk about building confidence in the workplace, and the role of both men and women in more senior positions.

Watch the video here ⤵

Merel has opened the doors to her pilot 5-day course “Get What You Negotiate”. When you join, you’ll receive the course content in handy bite size chunks on Instagram, day by day. You can join the e-course here.

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