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Designing your own jewelry can be daunting. All seems easy-breezy at first until you’re met with more than 50 options of gemstones and a memorable story to match. Where do I begin, right?

So here come our superheroes; the ladies with their hands on deck (or fingers on laptop more precisely), ready to answer all your questions about the A-Z of jewelry shopping or the best way to tell your love story.

You’ve probably shared stories with them, sometimes deep, personal stories, dropped questions via DM, or even traded pics of your furry friends. Because here at Gardens of the Sun, making friends while making jewelry is the rule of thumb. 

So who are these ladies who’ll go out of their way to get you your special ring? 

Maria Wulandari

All orders will make their first stop on Wulan's desk! She’s the woman in charge of everything from ready stock to custom pieces. Wulan reads (and rereads) every single order to make sure nothing is amiss and your jewelry comes to you in no time. 

  • What would your ideal ring look like?

    I think it'd be a sapphire ring. I have a thing with sapphires and I still don't know why. Haha. The ring must be low profile and set in a bezel setting because I'm super clumsy and I don’t like taking my rings off!  

  • Did you ever see a ring and immediately know that’s the one?

    Yes! Recently, we finished a dream sapphire ring for the Insiders sale and it was love at first sight! Sadly, it didn’t fit any of my 10 fingers, so it wasn’t for me. But I'm glad the ring found a home very soon and I hope she enjoys wearing the ring for many years to come.

  • What keeps you grounded and sane in the workplace?

    My awesome team members, for sure! We don't only work together but we share pretty much everything almost every day. I love my girls and couldn't imagine working without them. ♥️

  • Your ultimate travel destination! And why. 

    I've always wanted to visit Greece! The scenery looks not only beautiful, but also peaceful and I've always wanted to jump into the sea from the rocks. 

  • Do you have a furry pal? 

    Yes, I have a cat named Kiki. We adopted him from the street after I lost my other cat who suddenly jumped from my motorcycle. My son picked the name and we absolutely can't live without him now. 

Rescued from Bali’s street life, Kiki is now a sweet little boi who will do all he can to protect his mama!

Maharani Dihar

Mahar knows our birthstones back to back. She’s our birthstone queen and will be your best bet for all things birthstoneor Hidden Gems. Other than surfing, she takes joy in translating stories into beautiful heirloom pieces. 

  • What keeps you grounded and sane in the workplace?

    Having super easy going, fun, supportive and sweet colleagues is a blessing! I can discuss almost everything from work to personal stuff with them. Oh, and we love to treat ourselves with sweets whenever the day is getting rough! Not to mention cuddling, Baloo and Tucker, who regularly join to work. Sometimes I feel like they're the heroes who come to save my day. 

  • What's your favorite client's design so far?

    Anything designs that are ocean or sunset inspired!

  • A conversation with a client most memorable to you: 

    I really love it when clients share their moments with me through words and pictures. I always enjoy those pets, plants, sunsets and wedding pictures they send!

  • Do you have a furry pal? 

    Yes, his name is Doobie :p

A furry dog at work, a furry cat at home. Shall we say life for Mahar is complete?

Misha Johanna

Misha is our true customer happiness rockstar. She's here not only to help you find that dream ring, but works her tail off to make you feel as valued and appreciated as you truly are. Misha is currently living her best life in Lithuania. 

  • What would your ideal ring look like? 

    Exactly like the straight wabi sabi band in 18k rose gold, perhaps 4 mm in width.

  • What keeps you grounded and sane in the workplace?

    The dogs :) Workplaces that allow pets always have the best vibe.

  • What surprises you the most about the jewelry industry?

    To be honest, the fact that lapis lazuli is a conflict mineral as millions of dollars of its revenue coming from Afghan mines were used to fund armed groups and political elites with ties to Taliban. We have a blog post about that here. When I learned about this, I think that's when I realized how important it is to be conscious about what we wear and consume every day - including jewelry and luxury goods.

  • Your ultimate travel destination! And why.

    Japan and Spain are still my favorites! I just love everything there - the people, the food, the places... Magical. If I have to choose somewhere I haven't been, I think for now I'd really like to visit Uzbekistan to eat the delicious Uzbek plov there! There's also a bakery I've been dying to visit in New York, they sell banana pudding and it looks bomb - so the US it is then.

  • Colors of nature that look most stunning to you: 

    Yellow. It's been my favorite color since I was born, lol.

Surrounded by the beauty of this rustic-chic town called Historical Village in Sapporo, Japan.

Rissa Egitia

A mother to many cats and a brilliant cook, Rissa is here to make sure you’ll be blown away by the experience even from thousands of miles away. She handles custom collections and will help you find your way to the One. 

  • What keeps you grounded and sane in the workplace?

    Laughing with the team. Let it be the Customer Service team, visual team, shipping team - with everyone basically. Also listening to 90's songs or Latin songs (my guilty pleasure). These things help me stay sane! Taking a break outside looking up at the sky or the banana palms in front of our studio helps me feel grounded too!

  • Your ultimate travel destination! And why.  

    Sicily, of course for the food, and the beach and just the whole place and the people there. I've always dreamt of being Italian! Haha.

  • A place in nature where you can meditate and stay still. 

    Waterfalls, mountains, forests. But mostly waterfalls and forests, just because I'm a lazy person and it takes so much effort to climb the mountain! LOL!

  • Wanna share a conversation with a client you really liked that touched you deeply?

    It's definitely AM. She has 6 kids, and her 5th child passed away when he was 10 months old due to a rare disease. Being a mom myself, it was a little bit intense for me because I couldn't imagine how hard it must be to lose a child. I love that she shared a glimpse of her story with me, and she made a custom ring to honor her deceased son. 

    There are many clients who have touched my heart with their stories and gentle words. I'm so happy they're willing to do so, and I feel connected in ways that help me grow. 

Joyous escape isn't too hard in Bali! Whoever makes the most out of Bali, gets the best out of it. Rissa is the living proof!

We love building custom pieces because we love building meaningful relationships. That’s really the gist of it! So, would you build a piece with us?