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January 22, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

It’s a truth acknowledged by humankind, thanks to the honored modern day philosopher Cindy Lauper, that “girls just want to have fun”. It’s true. We do want to have fun. Maybe not the kind of fun we used to have as children, but good fun nonetheless. (But really, who can resist a good swing? I certainly can't!)

I’ve always liked colors, and I previously talked about the brightly colored gemstones that get me going. But you know what else is fun? Shapes. I do so love a weirdly shaped thingamabob. Let me show you some shapes, and you can tell me what you think of them!

Flowing lines

There’s nothing better than the flowing lines of a diamond studded nesting band in my opinion. They look amazing when stacked with the right ring. Or worn on their own. Or stacked with another stacking band. Or they just look perfect. Psst, if you buy a nesting ring along with another ring you want to stack it with – we can make sure it’s the perfect fit, and we can even color coordinate it for you!

Dips and Waves

Talking of nesting bands, this one might be my favorite. It’s got chutzpah. It’s got sass. It’s got personality. I love the bumps, it has a softness to it that you wouldn’t normally associate with metal. It makes me happy to see this ring, even when it’s innocently lying on my dresser! Am I being too overenthusiastic? I can’t help it. I like how fun it looks on its own, but then BAM! You realize it has some serious fire-power when you stack it right.


I don’t know how many hours I spent running back and forth, trying to get the stunt kite up that my dad made when I was in primary school. And find it back again in the tall grass after I crashed it. But I can still hear my brother’s impatient laughter at my clumsy attempts, and my dad gently showing me how to work the strings and steer. Kites are among my favorite shapes because they remind me of that soaring freedom and laughter. I love finding shapes that I associate with warm, happy memories. What are some of yours? What brings out those deliciously soft, fuzzy memories?


Here’s a bit of science that I find absolutely fascinating – nature loves hexagons. From honeycombs to snowflakes, to the eyes of a dragonfly, hexagons are everywhere. Turns out it’s because it’s the shape that will leave no wasted space when you use equal units all the way across. Nifty! We’re trained to think of nature as chaotic, but it’s amazing how organized everything actually is. I found this out from a client who ordered two custom rings with hexagon-cut stones! She wanted to stack the rings and show her love of nature!

Squares and Rectangles

Now here’s a shape that’s criminally under-appreciated. I personally think squares and rectangles get a bad rep, because language says they’re boring. You’re such a square. You should think outside the box. Those are all clichés! I personally like how neat these balanced four-sided shapes are. And they can still be fun! In the case of this ring with a baguette cut moonstone... well. Who doesn’t love a little fashionable flair in their life? And art deco-inspired designs are always fashionable.