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January 29, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

There was a time when the weather was our favorite ice-breaker. I recently got into the “authentic relating” movement (called “circling” in Europe), baring my soul to complete strangers. Together, we create intimacy and meaningful connections through vulnerability, showing our complete and honest selves without a mask on. So the weather doesn’t really seem to be such a great conversation topic anymore. There are other things we can talk about! Climate change for instance. You know that the environment is a favorite topic of mine. But it doesn’t have to be all serious, all the time.

Imagine starting a casual conversation with “How do you think we can transform the world?” or “I feel so much anxiety around climate change”. At Gardens of the Sun, we like it light. A little less plastic here, a little more eco-gold there, a bit more composting in the kitchen. It’s the small, feasible steps that count to building up our impact. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your jewelry can help start conversations about the things you care about? That, or save you from an awkward silence at a family party. Below are some of my current favorite conversation starter pieces. These are the pieces that’ll make someone take a second look at your finger and say “Whoa, where’d you get this?” They’re pieces that’ll make you want to talk about how ethical they are. Because, hint-hint - they are!

You can talk about how we carefully source our stones, making sure they’re from conflict-free areas, and that the diamonds we use at Gardens of the Sun are mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process. You can also talk about how you’ve planted 5 trees on an island in Indonesia. From there, who knows where your next conversation will take you to. 

Plus, these stunners stand out on their own. A plain white tee, some blue denims… put any of these pieces on and you’ve got yourself a striking OOTD. But better still, these pieces might help you turn a somewhat awkward conversation into something more meaningful. Which is what our jewelry is all about.

1. Pink and Black Diamond Ring Set in Rose Gold

This beautiful ring stack would have its maximum impact when worn by itself. A great alternative engagement ring set or dainty bridal stack. I could also see her as an everyday ring set "just because".

2. Opal, Sapphire and Diamond Pendant in Gold

A soft and milky opal is framed by blue diamonds and accented with a swaying sapphire. I love how it sits elegantly on the neckline. There’s something super dreamy about the color combinations, and the feelings invoked by this necklace.

3. Angel Wings Diamond Ring Set in Gold

Salt and pepper diamonds are becoming our favorite kind of diamond. They’re heavily included diamonds whose charms lay in their unique quirks. They’ll remind you to keep loving yourself, all flaws included. And let’s be honest, on those tough days, a little reminder goes a long way. 

4. Diamond Angel Wings Ring Set in Rose Gold

The salt and pepper diamond is the soul of this piece, backed by two shield cut black diamond angel wings. This piece is the ultimate self love ring or a fantastic alternative bridal ring stack for someone who appreciates the magical and mystical.

5. Icy White Diamond Ring Set

Generally speaking, when something is this icy and bright it will draw some attention. The center stone is a glowing grey diamond. Icy and included, with lots of salt and some tiny black pepper sprinkles.

One of my favorite things about these pieces is that they’re unique pieces that you can’t get anywhere else (even in our store!). I love designing these on-off pieces, as they will speak specifically to someone and their story. And the feedback I tend to get for making custom wedding and engagement rings makes me swoon. 

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