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How tight should an engagement ring be?

Does your engagement ring or bridal stack feel a little tight?

You might take this as a sign that you need resizing. But before you decide to resize it, here are a few things you should know.

Factors that affect finger size: 

Ethical engagement rings

Before you settle on your engagement ring, wear a ring in the same width and size as your engagement ring for a few days. See how the ring feels over time. When you wake up, after a meal, after a workout… 

This is because your finger size changes all the time, even if just by a fraction of a millimeter. It shrinks, then swells, following your diet, the seasons and everyday activities. What you eat or drink affects your finger size, and so does the weather. Cold temperatures will cause your finger to slightly shrink, while hotter temperature will cause your finger to slightly swell. In the long run, body weight, daily activities and overall health can affect your finger size. 

Here are more factors to consider when measuring your finger size:

  • The width of the ring

    Wider rings cover more finger area and make your finger feel tight. Consider going half a size up for a wider band. 

  • Ring stack

    Ring stacks basically have the same effect as a wider band. Consider going half a size up if you plan to stack your wedding band and engagement ring.  

  • Finger shapes

    Do you have tapered fingers or knotted fingers? Be sure to read our blog post on Figuring Out Finger Types to see how your finger shape affects your ring size and the shank shape that works best for your finger type.

Signs your ring is a perfect fit: 

Ethical engagement ring in gold by Gardens of the Sun
  • Your finger doesn’t bulge 

  • Leaves only a faint indent marker 

  • Not too tight around the knuckle

  • You can turn it around clockwise and counterclockwise with ease

  • You can move it upward and slide it off, but not too easily 

  • Has a little wiggle room 

Your ring shouldn’t come off easily, but putting it on shouldn’t hurt either. It’s normal to wrangle your ring off your finger, and as long as it doesn’t hurt, you’re probably okay.

When is the best time to measure finger size? 

Hand wearing two gold rings

When you’re purchasing new shoes, it’s commonly advised to go shopping in the afternoon. This is the time of the day your feet swell most, after hours of going about your day and carrying your body weight.  

It’s a bit more complicated with finger size. Since your finger size will change slightly throughout the day and throughout the year, measure your finger at different times in the day to find the best fit throughout your day. 

When is a good time to resize your engagement ring and wedding band?

Kite diamond ring in gold
  • When you want to create a ring stack (with your anniversary band, motherhood ring, etc)

  • After several years of wear and your body has gone through changes (like giving birth)  

  • If you gain a lot or lose weight 

Is it ok to resize your engagement ring and wedding band multiple times? 

Ethical engagement rings in gold by Gardens of the Sun jewelry

Laser resizing or soldering the band again will make your ring slightly more fragile right at the spot where it’s been resized. Although generally speaking, quality metals can handle multiple sizing, on the long run you don’t want to do it more often than necessary. 

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