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Imagine a diamond ring sits high above the finger, almost hovering in its ethereal glow, a showstopper to anyone basking in its glorious brilliance. 

Hey, that’s what a dream ring is made of, right? 

Well, apparently this whole dream is engineered by Tiffany & Co. and its setting name is proof of that (yes, it’s called the Tiffany setting). 

Nowadays we want a ring that’s simple. Like, no-time-to-get-our-ring-snagged-in-the-jacket kind of simple. We want a ring which flushes to our skin and to our daily life; seamless, a ‘barely there’ kind of feel, a perfect extension of our skin. 

Enter: low setting engagement ring (aka the ultimate ring setting for modern brides)

But wait:

what’s a ring setting?

A setting is the style and leverage of your gemstone’s grip. Think about the claws or the metal that holds your gemstone, then imagine these claws being flushed into the metal ring (low setting) or sitting on top of the shank (high setting). 

A ring’s setting is about how high or how low the gemstone sits on your finger. Higher settings are great for taller gemstones, as its height allows light to travel and bounce back and forth. It’s the perfect setting for a luxurious-looking ring. 

A Tiffany setting is a high setting which props up the gemstone from its center, making the gemstone look more prominent. It’s a great ring to flash to anyone, but it isn’t the most user friendly ring to wear everyday. 

(But if you receive an antique cut gemstone from your mother you’d love to show around, a high setting ring will make a great nesting home for your gem! Choose a prong setting and show it off!)

In short, choosing the right ring setting helps decide the look, comfort and longevity of your ring. 

Does your ring have a low setting?

Low setting rings are generally (but not always!) set in bezel. The sides of the gemstone are often enclosed, giving your gemstone maximum protection. 

Sometimes, a bezel setting can sit higher than your finger (called open-bezel setting) with a basket extending on both sides, slightly elevating your gemstone and allowing some light to pass through. 

Our low setting can be a combination of both bezel and prong setting. A basket prong secures your gemstone will claws, but lets it sit closer to the finger. It’s a bulkier look which suits gemstones with wider shapes and shorter height. Wondering how bezel and prong settings are different?

At Gardens of the Sun, we generally place the stones as low as possible, so nearly all of our rings are low setting. 

A low setting engagement ring might downplay the fire a little bit for having more security and protection. But there are more reasons why we think low setting rings suit modern lifestyle. 


No more thinking twice about wearing it everyday

Low setting rings can be your all-occasion rings.

You’ve spent a great deal of time designing the ring, so why not wear it everyday? A low setting is great for any occasion, whether it’s a Sunday brunch meetup or a cocktail-glam night. It also holds up all year long, even through the winter months. Wear it underneath your winter gloves and through layers of sleeves. Say snag no more! 


You can wear it outdoor 

A safer option to wear outdoor, compared to prong setting.

Gardeners, rejoice! But so are mountaineers, hikers, and farmers. Picking up dirt and climbing rocks and getting your hands dirty shouldn’t be in the way of wearing your engagement rings. Even though we recommend you to leave your ring in the jewelry box when you’re planting trees, with low-setting, you’re giving your ring less chances of getting chipped since the stone protrudes less.  


Your gemstone will be well protected

Bezel setting gives full protection to your precious stone.

Bezel setting gives the utmost protection for your gemstone. Other than jade, most gemstones are actually quite prone to chipping, even diamonds. So why risk choosing a high setting if you’re to wear it everyday?


It’s stylish! 

With bezel setting, you can have more fun with funky shapes.

The popular perception of bezel setting is how it looks bulkier. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, many gemstone cuts will fit right at home in this bezel nest. From diamond slices to geometric cuts, the shapes of these funky cuts are further enhanced by the bezel’s fitting frame. Now you can play up your stories with these gemstone shapes!


Low-key and modern 

Modern bride with active lifestyle? We got your finger covered!

Low setting engagement is just outright more casual, modern, and fits both special and everyday fashion. Some people might not like how a high setting engagement ring calls for attention. And if you’re in public so much and a bit more wary about someone snagging your stone, then a low setting will give you peace of mind. 

No matter the ring setting you finally choose, thinking about how and when you want to wear the ring will be a great place to start. All else, our customer happiness rockstars are here to help you! Now, ready to design your ultimate everyday ring?

Are you ready to customize your own jewelry?