Custom Diamond Slice Ring

Your broken hearts met like the slow brushing of fingers in the pouring rain. You journeyed together like wild petals floating down the river. It was only after that you realized how your broken, hurting bits healed each other.


  • 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold
  • Our signature ethical gold: mercury-free and mined by indigenous women who are paid more than the international gold price
  • Choose your diamond slice
  • April birthstone
  • Made to order in 6 to 8 weeks

Choose your diamond slice to see more photos.

Diamond slice


Build your own diamond slice ring! We've selected our favorite grey, salt & pepper and blue diamond slices for you to choose from. And when you've chosen the diamond slice that speaks to you, we'll make the ring for you in around 6 to 8 weeks. You'll receive a photo before we ship it out.

Select your diamond slice, position of the diamond, design of the ring (plain or satellite with either one or three diamonds on top of the diamond slice), metal (your choice of 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold), ring size and whether you would like any additional diamonds in the band. 

The diamond slice is set securely in an open back bezel setting. The satellite design comes with either one or three small diamonds on top of the diamond slice. You can additionally add another one, three or five diamonds set inside the band, on one or each side. 

Your diamond slice will be set onto a dainty, barely-there round or D-shaped band that's incredibly comfortable to wear. 

We use 18 karat eco-gold, which is mined and processed with traditional, mercury-free low-impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay.

Diamond slices

Grey diamond slices:

  • DS1 - 0.13 ct, measures 5.3 x 4.9 mm, this petite slice boasts marble-like patterns, and an incomplete corner that calls for a satellite diamond.
  • DS2 - 0.18 ct, measures 6.3 x 4.5 mm
  • DS3 - 0.18 ct, measures 6.2 x 5 mm, this diamond slice is almost perfectly rectangular, with dreamy, dark feathery wisps that is just dying to tell you its story.
  • DS4 - 0.16 ct, measures 5.9 x 5.1 mm, framed by dark accents, pair this diamond slice with a satellite diamond to create a perfect, rounded-edge rectangle, quirky ring.
  • DS5 - 0.22 ct, measures 7.2 x 5.7 mm, curling grey shades on one side of this irregularly shaped diamond gives it a lopsided charm.
  • DS6 - 0.22 ct, measures 6.9 x 5.3 mm, almost all the way clear, with a sprinkling of black pepper spots, this D-shaped diamond slice is packing some spice.
  • DS7 - 0.31 ct, measures 8.1 x 5.2 mm, a vivid contrast of black and clear diamond that is accented by a striking line which cuts through one side, creating an image of a captured moment.
  • DS8 - 0.24 ct, measures 6.7 x 7.6 mm, this circular stone has an expressive edge of grey, white, and black lines, all leading to a clear centre, like an eye that promises to watch over you.
  • DS9 - 0.21 ct, measures 8.1 x 5.9 mm, a stormy, grey diamond, with a clear centre. It’s straight edges seem to call for a trio of satellite diamonds to round it off.
  • DS10 - 0.35 ct, measures 8.2 x 6.3 mm, cut with soft rounded edges and a clear frame that cocoons a dark centre. Pair it with a diamond nesting band for a bold, edgy ring.  
  • DS11 - 0.43 ct, measures 7.1 x 7.6 mm, light refracts as silver veins in this diamond slice. Shaped like a fish scale, it will be perfect for a fabulous February baby.
  • DS12 - 0.36 ct, measures 8.7 x 5.8 mm, read into the smoky figures in this diamond as you like - it’s here to remind you of the good times.
  • DS13 - 0.23 ct, measures 8.6 x 5.8 mm, vivid dark veins edge this triangular diamond slice, temper down its edgy vibes by pairing it with a white gold band..
  • DS14 - 0.35 ct, measures 8.2 x 6.4 mm, this stunning diamond slice’s bond with nature seems especially pronounced through its tree-like print.
  • DS15 - 0.26 ct, measures 9.4 x 5.7 mm, like an unfinished sketch, delicate black lines decorate this diamond slice, it would make a perfect ring for that artistic soul.
  • DS16 - 0.26 ct, measures 8.4 x 6.5 mm, like scattered sand on glass, the grey patterns on this diamond slice cluster and clump together, forming patterns we absolutely adore.
  • DS17 - 0.23 ct, measures 9.2 x 6.1 mm, a capital D-for-dashing shaped diamond slice with a cheeky chip on one corner - the perfect placement for an additional satellite diamond!
  • DS18 - 0.27 ct, measures 9.0 x 6.3 mm, a perfect watermelon cross section in black and white. Juicy and inviting, pair it with a hot yellow gold to remind you of the summers of yesteryear.
  • DS19 - Weighs 0.39 ct and measures 9.1 x 6.5 mm
  • DS20 - 0.39 ct, measures 7.3 x 7.5 mm, a square isn’t always boring, as this diamond slice proves! A close look reveals a square shape smack dab in the middle of this irregularly shaped slice, a perfect balance for that perfectly balanced person.
  • DS21 - 0.37 ct, measures 10.5 x 6.2 mm, simple is the way to go with this densely patterned clear and charcoal grey diamond slice that needs no other frills and frippery!  
  • DS22 - Weighs 0.39 ct and measures 9.7 x 7.2 mm
  • DS23 - 0.35 ct, measures 9.8 x 6.7 mm, a sizable teardrop diamond slice that is sweet, and just a little bit shy. Give it some company with a satellite diamond.
  • DS24 - 0.25 ct, measures 10.8 x 5.0 mm, vivid grey patterns adorn this clear diamond slice. Shaped like a wing mid-flight, perfect for someone who longs to soar to new heights.
  • GD25 - 0.29 ct, measures 8.7 x 7.2 mm, almost all the way opaque, a dark center graces the middle of this diamond slice that boasts a soft gradient from black to grey.
  • DS26 - 0.34 ct, measures 10.8 x 6.7 mm, reminiscent of an ancient arrowhead, this grey diamond slice is strength personified.
  • DS22 - Weighs 0.39 ct and measures 9.7 x 7.2 mm
  • DS28 - 0.45 ct, measures 8.9 x 7.5 mm, an irregular shape with irregular patterns, this diamond is full of quirky personality and is looking for an irregular forever home!
  • DS29 - 0.36 ct, measures 9.8 x 8.0 mm, like looking through a microscope at life blooming in a petri dish. Perfect for a science gal. 
  • DS30 - Weighs 0.47 ct and measures 9.1 x 8.5 mm, heart shaped for those who let their hearts lead the way, with a perfect little indentation that’s begging to be accented with a satellite diamond.
  • DS31 - Weighs 0.51 ct and measures 9.4 x 7.5 mm
  • DS32 - Weighs 0.34 ct and measures 8.4 x 8.1 mm, such drama and intrigue from this shiny irregular rectangle slice, with a broken silver splash in the middle and  hints of a shadow. 
  • DS33 - Weighs 0.49 ct and measures 10.6 x 8.4 mm, a lung-shaped diamond slice which will be the perfect token to remind you to breathe in the good vibes, and enjoy the moment.
  • DS34 - Weighs 0.50 ct and measures 9.3 x 8.7 mm
  • DS35 - Weighs 0.44 ct and measures 8.9 x 9.0 mm
  • DS36 - Weighs 0.53 ct and measures 8.8 x 8.2 mm, darker grey strokes dance through this rectangular shaped diamond slice, slightly dreamy and whimsical, indulge in its sweetness by pairing it with a rose god band.
  • DS37 - Weighs 0.45 ct and measures 10.2 x 7.7 mm, shaped like a shield, and patterned boldly, this diamond slice will remind you of your warrior core, and your hidden strengths.
  • DS38 - Weighs 0.50 ct and measures 11 x 9.5 mm, egg-shaped and vibrant with life, this diamond slice is patterned with a story that is waiting to be deciphered.
  • DS39 - Weighs 0.46 ct and measures 11.3 x 7.3 mm
  • DS40 - Weighs 0.44 ct and measures 10.8 x 8.5 mm, a perfect teardrop, at once delicate and strong, pair it with a yellow gold band to bring out its hidden grace and strength.
  • DS41 - Weighs 0.78 ct and measures 12.2 x 8.5 mm
  • DS42 - Weighs 0.84 ct, an irregular explosion of blacks and greys with a smattering of white clouds, like fireworks. Exciting and bold, it will fill you with childlike glee. Rather large for a ring, we'd be happy to turn this one into a necklace instead.
  • DS43 - Weighs 0.87 ct and measures 15 x 10 mm, a D shaped diamond slice with a delicate crack down the middle. Smokey and mysterious, with a perfect little nook that is just dying to house a sparkling satellite diamond. A biggie, would work well for a larger ring size. 
  • DS44 - Weighs 0.66 ct and measures 10.2 x 10 mm, a pick-shaped diamond for a musician who dreams in melodies. Mostly clear, except for a dark centre and shiny, silver accents.
  • DS45 - Weighs 0.36 ct and measures 10 x 6.8 mm, A perfect slice of the fossilized Forbidden Fruit. Temptation in physical form, this slate grey diamond slice is sultry, and should be paired with a rose gold band to celebrate its confident sensuality. 
  • DS46 - Weighs 0.50 ct and measures 7 x 4.8 x 0.55 mm, a shard sliced from a warrior’s arrowhead. Boasting grey accents, this diamond oozes strength and is not afraid to tear through adversity.
  • DS47 - Weighs 0.54 ct, innocent and sweet, devoid of dark thoughts. This diamond slice is mostly clear. Pair it with a strong yellow gold band to celebrate it.
  • DS48 - Weighs 0.72 ct and measures 7 x 7 mm, a thick cut, almost perfectly rounded diamond slice. Deliciously avant garde, with Mondrian-esque lines of black and a twinkling of silver.
  • DS49 - Weighs 0.23 ct and measures 5.1 x 6.1 mm, an oval diamond slice that just wants to keep on stretching on a lazy weekend. Let it unwind in the warm embrace of a yellow gold band.
  • DS50 - 0.51 ct, measures 15.5 x 6.6 mm, one of two lung shaped sliced diamond with gorgeous vivid markings, snag it for your own, or get both to have matching rings with your best beloved bestie!
  • DS51 - 0.63 ct, measures 16 x 7.3 mm, a solo lung shaped diamond that breathes in all the good things in life, or get it with the previous stone for matching rings with your best friend to remind each other of how important best friends are in staying alive - and staying sane!
  • DS52 - 0.61 ct, measures 14 x 6.6 mm, a diamond slice that just didn’t want to be a boring rectangle. Slightly lopsided, oozing with charm and confidence. Pair with a satellite diamond give some balance to its corners.
  • DS53 - 0.47 ct, measures 12.5 x 7.5 mm, shaped like prehistoric flower petal pressed in between precious pages, this diamond is sweet and studious. Pair it with a rose gold band to emphasize its femininity.
  • DS54 - 0.40 ct, measures 10 x 7.2 mm, like charcoal smudges on a sketch page, the patterns on this sliced diamond is hiding a story. Perfect for those that adore deciphering mysteries.
  • DS55 - 0.41 ct, measures 9.5 x 7.3 mm, a perfect little dinosaur egg of a diamond, with a clear area that is just off-center. Pair it with white gold band for a nerd-chic Jurassic ring.
  • DS56 - 0.30 ct, measures 9.1 x 5.8 mm, shaped like a doorway to a different dimension, with a chip in the corner that is perfect for a satellite diamond. You’re just never sure what adventure this feisty little thing will drag you into.
  • DS57- 0.34 ct, measures 9 x 8.6 mm, delicately webbed with fine strings of black and grey, this diamond slice is tougher than you think. Pair it with a band with embedded diamonds to elevate the look.
  • DS58 - 0.27 ct, measures 8.2 x 6.4 mm, shaped and patterned like a tiny contact lens that will change how you look at the world, a full and open heart ready for the world.
  • DS59 - 0.39 ct, measures 8.3 x 6.9 mm, almost all the way clear, with lots of quirky speckles. Included with khaki and grey flecks, in a subtle way. Tiny black speck in the middle and a milky, cloudy explosion on one side which makes a nice resting spot for a satellite diamond. This irregularly shaped diamond is a beautiful free soul, and would make a fun ring.

  • Salt and pepper diamond slices:

  • DS60 - I can't help but love the shape of this diamond slice. I'd set her vertically as she is positioned in the photo. Dark grey with a clear bottom. Weighs 0.22 ct and measures 12 x 5.5 mm.
  • DS61 - an elongated oval slice that just really looks like a bed of salt with a line of pepper in it. Salt and pepper at its best! Weighs 0.37 ct and measures 12 x 5.4 mm.
  • DS62 - clear edges with an opaque milky center, the shape reminders me of a half moon. Weighs 0.25 ct and measures 9.2 x 5.8 mm.
  • DS63 - Triangular diamond slice with a well defined pattern, almost like a magical orb telling of the beautiful shared love life ahead of you. Weighs 0.10 ct and measures 4 x 4 mm. As this stone is quite small, an additional diamond on it would cover the wonderful pattern. This one really shines on its own. 
  • DS64 -  Triangle diamond slice with a black circle in the middle. Can't stop staring at it! There's a small pit at the top. Weighs 0.11 ct and measures 4.8 x 4.9 mm. As this stone is quite small, an additional diamond on it would cover the wonderful pattern. Speaks volumes on its own.
  • DS65 - The largest of our triangle diamond slices with a geometric fan pattern inside. Such an intriguing stone. Weighs 0.12 ct and measures 5.5 x 5.7 mm.  As this stone is quite small, an additional diamond on it would cover the pattern. Keep it like this with some diamonds in the band for an incredible ring. 

  • Blue diamond slices, all treated for color

  • DS66 - 0.11 ct small rose cut blue diamond slice, measures 3.5 x 4.2 mm
  • DS67 - 0.26 ct, measures 4.5 x 7.8 mm
  • DS68 - 0.21 ct, measures 6.1 x 7 mm
  • DS69 - 0.27 ct, measures 4.7 x 7.1 mm
  • DS70 - 0.65 ct marquise cut diamond slice

      Occasionally diamond slices break during setting. In the rare case this happens, we'll ask you to select another stone. 

      The diamonds used in this ring have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. These diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. My supplier guarantees that they are conflict free and mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

      We love this diamond slice ring paired with a dainty diamond nesting band

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