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Dark Matter Spinel, Amethyst and Opal Necklace

Inspired by the outer space, this gemstone necklace features black spinel, amethyst and black opal. Arranged to create an array of dark shades. Made by hand from recycled sterling silver.


  • Recycled sterling silver 
  • Trillion cut black spinel from Kanchaburi, Thailand - August birthstone
  • Square amethyst from Brazil - February birthstone
  • Solid oval opal from Australia - October birthstone
  • Choose your length

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Dark Matter Spinel, Amethyst and Opal Necklace

Inspired from the outer space where beauty can be found even in a pitch black darkness.

This three-stone necklace features black spinel, amethyst and black opal, arranged together for an array of dark hues.

Note that in most cases, silver will become dull or darken with normal wear. Regular inspection and cleaning will keep them in stellar condition.

Your spinel, amethyst and opal necklace will look similar to the photo.


Spinel is the August birthstone and one hell of a powerful elixir. Spinel is the magical underdog. It conjures up hope, and purpose and makes you feel just right in all the right places. It’s a high-energy stone used by those who are in the know to attract wealth and prosperity.

Spinel pulses with life and dispenses that sweet, sweet nectar in a thick, juicy smoothie, infused with vibrancy and a jolt of heartfelt positivity.


Amethyst is the February birthstone. A beautiful crystal that lights up the dark. Amethyst is for clear eyes and a full heart. It’s for those who need clarity. For creative souls, the whole process of creating something can sometimes reach levels of ungodly possession, and that’s why amethyst is a handy helper.

When life gets a little too much, amethyst is ready to the rescue to clear up the fog for you. In a nutshell, amethyst is the chamomile tea to this blessed mess called life.


Opal is the October birthstone. Flashes of color dancing in a glimmering stone, there’s not much that needs to be said about its beauty. This birthstone is as versatile as it is colorful – use it for playfulness and strength, tenderness and truth, to amplify your karma and keep your cool all at once.

Opal absorbs and reflects light as it dances, and likewise, it picks up thoughts and feelings, desires, and buried emotions, amplifying them and returning them to the source. Opal helps you to let go of patterns of fear, anger, negativity, and self-harm. If you need to let go of the one who doesn’t deserve you, have faith in Opal and this too shall pass.

Recycled sterling silver

We use recycled silver from Umicore. This company is listed as a Conflict Free Smelter by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMA), Chain-of-Custody certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and complies with the LBMA Responsible Ag Guidance. We opt for recycled silver as an interim solution while we look into setting up a traceable supply chain for artisanal, pollution free silver.

Style tips

Wear this multi gemstone necklace together with dark matter earrings. Pair with anything from the Cosmic collection to create a space themed jewelry set.

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