Gardens of the Sun

Vintage Oval Wooden Ring Box in Walnut

Ideal for presenting a ring, or presenting THE ring.


  • Walnut wood
  • Brass hinges and concealed magnetic closure
  • Handcrafted in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Measures 41mm (l) x 29mm (w) x 36mm (h)
  • Securely fits one ring
Black lining
Cream lining

We ship worldwide, fast & carbon neutral.


We believe that a good start results in goodness, all the way through. And we start with the materials.

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Tree Planting

For every piece of Gardens of the Sun jewelry you purchase, we plant 5 trees. Over 30,000 trees and counting!


Each box is designed to have the same grain in the lid and base, and finished with a natural satin wax. Inside your box is a satin fabric with soft velvet pad to keep your ring secure.

The sturdy hinges are made of brass and combined with a concealed magnetic closure.

The walnut wood comes from plantations in central United States, mostly in areas of natural hardwood forests that are privately owned by families or individuals. The foresters that manage these plantations only fell a small number of trees each year in line with harvesting management schemes enforced by the local governments. After harvesting, the areas are reforested with new walnut saplings. 

The makers of these ring boxes contribute to the following reforestation trusts:

  • Greening Australia, an independent not-for-profit environmental organisation involved in restoration projects across Australia, including relinking habitats across parts of Southern Australia and Tasmania, improving water quality on the Great Barrier Reef by restoring coastal wetlands, and partnering with Aboriginal communities to support indigenous land management.
  • New Zealand Native Forest Restoration Trust. This trust manages over 7,000 ha of native forests throughout New Zealand
  • American Forests, the oldest national conservation organisation in the United States.

Please make sure your country allows the import of wood products. 

Make your choice of cream or black inner lining. 

All you need to do is put in your engagement ring, and then get down on one knee. 

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