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This is a ring I made for Tim Frost in the first half of 2016. He found me through Instagram and asked me to create a piece of custom jewelry for this wife: 

"I randomly saw one of my friends repost a picture and started insta stalking all your pieces. My wife's birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up. I love the tiny simple design and your craftsmanship and would love to see something like that from you."

We decided on a diamond slice ring. He selected the largest diamond slice I had in stock at that time. It's one of my all-time favourites and couldn't wait to set it in gold. It came from a lot of tiger striped diamond slices (champagne and light brown colored with smokey brown inclusions and dark brown stripes that resemble a tiger pattern) and has the most beautiful hues and humble facets. 

The ring arrived right on time for Mother's Day and looks beautiful on DeAnda. 

"I DO! 15 years later I got the perfect ring! Most of you know we eloped and never really had proper rings... but we are also NOT traditional and I have never wanted a big craz-o ring. Soooo... Tim had this diamond slice ring custom designed by the most precious woman. She is so thoughtful and careful with every tiny detail down to the smallest moment in the packaging. I'm so beyond thankful. It's perfect."

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