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Have you ever thought about how much color affects your life? Like the color palette that allows you to recognize a Wes Anderson or Tim Burton movie. Or how you associate certain shades of blue with going down the rabbit hole of social media. The way you salivate when you see colors you associate with your favorite food. The warm yellow of a ripe mango, dripping with juice; a rich chocolate brown; the lush reds and purples of squashed berries.

I recently rearranged my books by color. The explosion of colors reminded me of our own library of gemstones ready to be used for custom jewelry. The blue tones with sapphire, larimar and zircon. The green tones with peridot, tourmaline and emerald. The sunny gems with citrine, fire opal and sunstone.

This ‘rainbow bookcase’ can help you choose stones by color for your custom jewelry. And after you’ve decided on your gemstone combination, the next question arises: which metal goes best with your gemstone?

We have three shades of ethical gold you can pick from, plus recycled silver. Each metal has a different glow when combined with different colors. But just like a frame accentuates a piece of art, without being distracted, the metal supports a gemstone. A way to complement and enhance the color of your birthstones.

When it comes to choosing the metal, I’m here to tell you;

There are no right or wrong answers! There are only answers that feel right.

The right jewelry is what sparks your joy. Why get yellow gold jewelry when really, your heart wants a rose gold ring.

If the choice isn’t that straightforward to you, let’s dive deeper into the characteristics of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Let’s discover how their color tones can help bring out the best of your gemstones.

After reading the first three parts, you know how to mix and match stones for your custom jewelry, and why the setting matters. You’re practically a pro by now!

CUstom ethical yellow gold jewelry

Custom ethical gold ring

Yellow gold is the go-to classic choice for gold. Think of gold, and you’ll likely see yellow gold jewelry popping up in your imagination. Yellow gold has an inviting, friendly, warm tone.

Match yellow gold with:

  • Earth tones like orange, green, dark red.

  • Saturated bright hues that catch the eye like pink, yellow, or turquoise colored stones.

  • Black diamonds.


  • If you have a warmer skin tone, the combination of yellow gold and earth tone stones can flatter your skin.

  • Remember the color wheel? You can also use the color theory to get a better sense of which colors go well with yellow gold. For example, contrasting blue tones will balance yellow gold.


  • Classic.

  • Timeless.

  • Iconic.

Custom ethical birthstone ring
Custome ethical birthstone ring

This ring set combines all the colors that match with yellow gold. We have the earth tone of deep red garnet as the statement piece. While the nesting band has citrine’s earthy colors, opal’s soft color and ruby’s bright color.

custom ethical white gold jewelry

White gold is such a versatile metal when it comes to color. It matches any hue with its cool, luminous sheen. It’s often used for engagement rings with high quality colorless diamonds, so the warm shine of the gold doesn’t distract from the colorlessness of the diamond.

Match white gold with:

  • Cool color tones, like blue, grey, and light yellow for a chic look. Think diamond, pearl, blue sapphire, aquamarine, opal or topaz.

  • Or balance out its cool tones with contrasting warm colors. Garnet, tourmaline, ruby, and peridot belong to the warmer side of the color group.


  • White gold suits all skin tones, but particularly compliments fair skin tones.

  • White gold needs regular maintenance of the rhodium plating.


  • Effortlesly cool.

  • Chic.

  • Subtle.

Custom ethical gold ring
Custom ethical gold birthstone ring
Custom ethical gold birthstone ring

White gold brings together garnet and moonstone in ways that rose gold and yellow gold can’t. Easy to forget they come from the opposite side of the color wheel! You can also add a little wow factor by picking a velvet ring box to complement your ring. Presentation is part of the experience when you're crafting a gift (for others, or for yourself.)

custom ethical rose gold jewelry

Custom ethical gold ring

With its royal history, rose gold is the stone you want in your capsule collection. It'll add a hint of glitz and glamor right when you need it. 

Rose gold is pizzazz and jazz hands, ready to share its warmth with your stone of choice.

Match rose gold with:

  • Pink hued stones are a natural fit for rose gold.

  • Mix in neutrals like gray and colorless stones to balance rose gold’s glow, or softer pastel tones with a light tint of color.

  • Go for a dramatic flair with lush, saturated colors like deep purple amethyst, and midnight blue sapphires.


  • Rose gold's playful nature will let you explore more color combinations that err on the side of quirky.

  • Remember rose gold’s role in history? Check out sapphires and opals if you want a more classic look.


  • Fun and flirty.

  • On trend.

  • Passionate.

Custom ethical gold birthstone ring
Custom ethical gold birthstone ring

Look how rose gold brings out the bright colors of the emerald and the aquamarine. Do you think three’s a crowd? Pick a lush velvet ring box to emphasize the colors of your ring to make hearts beat faster.

custom recycled silver jewelry

So many reasons to love silver. It’s less expensive than gold and still super durable. The best thing is, it looks good with literally any gemstone. If you’re just getting started with your jewelry collection, customizing silver jewelry is a good way to experiment.

All our silver jewelry made since September 2020 uses recycled silver.

Matches with:

  • Everything! Silver is a versatile metal which can be used to create everyday jewelry or to create something more eye catching. It’s all in how you style your pieces.

  • Instead of the classic shiny silver look, we also offer a matte oxidized black look or black rhodium plating. To create an edgier look, stack a silver ring with a black silver ring.


  • If you’re still trying to figure out your signature style and how to combine gemstones, silver is a great way to try out different combos.

  • Experiment with how you can combine different color gemstones. If you’re feeling lost, you can start by applying color theory to customize your recycled silver ring.


  • Edgy.

  • Youthful.

  • Experimental.

Custom recycled silver ring
Custom recycled silver birthstone ring
Custome recycled silver birthstone ring

Edgy color combos or edgy gemstone cuts? Which would you go for to add a little oomph to your ring? Adding a nesting band to enhance your main ring is also a fun way to play around with your look.

Which metal color do you think suits you best? Check out custom ethical gold jewelry and our custom recycled silver jewelry, and let your creativity fly free!