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Jewelry can be such a great keepsake for your bridesmaids. Spare yourself 6 to 8 weeks and we can make you the most thoughtful jewelry pieces your bridesmaids will cherish for a lifetime. Here’s how you can personalize your bridesmaids gifts. 


My favorite type of jewelry is definitely the ring! If you’ve decided to give your besties the number one gift, personalizing it to match her vibe is a generous way to say ‘thank you’. A customized ring for your bridesmaids doesn't need to be elaborate, and can be as simple as having their birthstone with a short message engraved. 

If you’re looking for something more casual (and still budget friendly), a customized bracelet or necklace for your gals can be the most stress-free option for gifting. Personalized bracelets and necklaces are great because: 

  • You don’t need to ask for (or guess!) their finger size

  • Bracelets and necklaces can be worn well beyond your wedding day; they’re versatile enough to go with a bridesmaid dress as well as a summer dress or jacket

  • They’re super easy to design to fit your bridesmaids’ personality 

So which one will you go for? A dazzling BFF ring or a cheeky and colorful statement on a bracelet or necklace?


Gemstones for your gals? Yup, no room for awkward feelings here! Gemstones aren’t just to tie the knot. These sparkly little things can say so much with so little - and that’s really all you need for a gift packed chock full with gratitude (and zero cheese). Plus, they come at various price points (few gemstones are as $$$$ as diamonds). 

  • Their birthstone (obviously!)

    A simple and straightforward design to cherish her month of birth. A birthstone is the simplest way to add a spark and meaning to any jewelry gift.

  • Their birthstone + your wedding month

    To up the ante, add an additional stone representing your wedding month. 

    Use our large birthstone library to begin your search. Pink sapphire? Black tourmaline? Salt and pepper diamond? Peridot, topaz, zircon? If these names sound unfamiliar to you, then click here for your starting point. 

  • Their birthstone + bride & groom’s / bride & bride’s birthstones 

    Make it even more personal? Add your birthstone and your fiance’s birthstone for a triple treat. 

  • Based on your wedding color scheme

    Not into the whole birthstone thing? If you’re looking for a more color-coded gift for the wedding theme, use your wedding’s color palette as the basic foundation to build your tribe’s jewelry piece. Maybe you’re swooned by different shades of pink and believe your pals are the ultimate personifications of each shade? Or maybe you want to keep the rings colorful but using the ever-so-underrated baguette cut stones? In short - there are endless ways to play up the color themes in your bridesmaids’ jewelry design! 

    • Different options of pink rings, different shades

    • Different options of baguette rings

  • Make a statement with a multiple birthstone ring 

    If you have extra money to spare, designing a birthstone ring two, three or even four birthstones can be oh-so-much fun! We love the fact we can throw any rules outta the window. Let your imagination run wild and draw up something meaningful between you and your besties. Time for the drawing board! 


Play it up with a hand engraving of your wedding date, your bridesmaid’s name (or initials, or her nickname), a word of gratitude, a trait you admire about them, or a secret code you have together. If you’re celebrating your big day in a wedding destination spot like Bali, an engraving of the wedding location can make sweet memorabilia! 


This is the secret sauce for jewelry gifts: a velvet ring box which matches the ring. A velvet ring box is such a fun and glamorous way to level up your gift and a small touch to complete the entire gifting experience. 

Your best pals deserve more than fluffy slippers with their names on or Insta-worthy champagne glasses. Personalized birthstone jewelry can be a simple gift with multiple ways to upgrade and customize. Ready to give it a go? Email us if you need a hand to design something special for your tribe.